18 Yardmaster Metal Shed ideas | metal shed, shed, metal You can browse our range from small garden sheds in 4x3ft for all your hand tools and equipment, to our large 14x8ft sheds that can fit a small family; perfect for storing bikes, lawnmowers, bins and large garden equipment and patio furniture. Whatever space you're working with, we have a shed . Assembling a Yarmaster 10 x 8 Metal Shed. I recently bought a Yardmaster shed advertised by them as 8�x4�. Reading the small print the actual useful space is far less. On arrival the parts were inspected and the paint finish on a number of panels was either scratched, chipped or badly marked.

Fire-Resistant 2 x Doors Padlock Eye. Not available for delivery. Corrosion-Resistant 2 x Doors Padlock Eye. Yardmaster Shed 9' 6 x 16' 6" Nominal Product rating 3. Yardmaster Metal Sheds Sheds Screwfix. More Information. General Roof Type Apex Roof. Door Type Double Sliding Doors. Lock Type Pad-Lockable. Material Steel. Treatment or Coating Hot dipped galvanised steel. Assembly Time Hours. Delivery Time Please Contact Us. Width cm. Depth cm. Height cm. Ridge Height cm.

Eaves Height cm. Width at Base cm. Depth at Base cm. Door Opening Width 80cm. Security is not as good as we would have hoped given that Trimetals sheds are one the most expensive of all the manufacturers. Common across their range is a two point locking system controlled by a decidedly weak looking lock. It is better than all the cheap models but not as good as the best and definitely not what we would have hoped for for the price. You can see an example of the TriMetals door lock we viewed if you go to our Secure Metal Shed comparison.

It did not impress us at all. As far as looks go, we are impressed by the TriMetals sheds. No metal shed can ever compete with the beauty of a wooden one but they do have some of the best looking metal sheds of the lot. Check before going what model is displayed where, by using this link here. TriMetals sheds are also sold by a number of other retailers who have no display areas, notably Screwfix. Click here for an in depth review of a typical Trimetals shed. We would recommend you consider a Trimetals garden shed although they are far more expensive compared to much of the competition.

Neither Waltons nor Absco give many facts on their websites which would allow the quality of their metal sheds to be determined. In particular the shed weights and the thickness of the panels are not given. Their sheds are more secure than many other manufacturers but not up with the best by any means.

However, it is clear from our investigations that Waltons metal sheds in their Titanium range are definitely thicker than most of the competition. There is flex in the walls but it is far less than the majority of the competition. This range of sheds has been tested to withstand wind speeds of kmph which is particularly reassuring. They also has the advantage of being far easier to construct compared to most of the other sheds we examined.

Waltons do have a show site where they display one of their metal sheds, and this is very reassuring see our picture below. Waltons Titanium range of metal sheds. The Waltons shed range is shared by the Mercia brand. They originally started in making wooden beehives and now sell over , sheds every year. We would strongly recommend you include the Walton's Titanium range of metal garden sheds in your buying list. Company address: Mercia Garden Products Ltd.

One major disadvantage with their metal sheds is the lack of a show site and we were unable to find any of their retailers which have their metal sheds on display. If you do buy a Yardmaster shed it would be based purely on the manufacturers claims although we do give some very specific data on their sheds further down this section.

One thing is very clear from the reviews of this shed, it is a bit of a nightmare to put up and the holes don't always align. Apparently there are a huge number of parts and screws, far more than normal. Allow at least two people and two days to erect the shed. The instructions have almost no words in them, just pictures which are not always clear. Our advice would be to avoid this brand of metal shed unless you fell you are have some degree of DIY competence.

No assembly service is provided. Yardmaster metal sheds are definitely not secure, the panels are thin and the padlock not supplied mounts are plastic. Even a 12 year old with a medium sized screwdriver could prise their way into a shed of this construction. However, this is the same with all the economy sheds. The Yardmaster website is very short on factual information concerning the construction.

Judging by the weights quoted, we have estimated that the panels of their 8" x 6" metal shed are between 0. About average for a low range metal shed. Expect the panels to feel very flimsy, especially the doors. The range of medium sheds includes ship lap style sheds and standard sheds. Whichever shed you choose the quality is the same. Of all the metal garden sheds at the low economy end of the market, this is probably the best.

The reason we say that is because they are retailed by large companies like Homebase, Argos and Tesco. If you buy from companies like that your ability sort things out if they go wrong are higher than buying from online only businesses. Below we include an email from Darren G about his own experience of Asgard and Biohort metal sheds.

Both I assembled on my own. The Asgard is fixed from the inside until you do the final roof trims. Being so solid you can lay safely on the roof where access is limited by fences etc.

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