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Not Sure What Shed? View Our Comparison Guide. Filter by Style Filter by Style. Gable Sheds. Gambrel Sheds. Ranch Sheds. Large Sheds. All Sheds. Filter by Size Filter by Size. Gable Sheds Contemporary style compliments many home designs. Storage Shed Styles Gable : A popular and economical design that compliments most home designs. That being said, even pressure treated sheds may need care and maintenance every few years. Speak to a member of our customer team to discuss maintenance requirements of our buildings to help you choose the right product.

Our wooden shed products come fitted with either a traditional apex roof or a contemporary pent roof. Your choice of roofing style will depend on what look you are going for but also what you might be using your wooden shed for. An apex roof is the traditional pointed roof made famous by kids drawings of houses and makes for a classic log cabin aesthetic in your wooden garden buildings.

A pent roof, on the other hand, provides a sleek and sharp contemporary design look for your garden building. Choose between sheds with or without windows, depending on your needs. Windows are an essential addition to any garden office or workshop, but they might provide a security issue for storage sheds.

Take a look at our windowless options for storing bikes, wheelie bins or garden tools, and our sheds with windows for a summer house or tool shed. We carry a wide range of garden storage solutions beyond our wooden sheds for sale , made with hard-wearing materials such as aluminium, steel and plastic.

At Garden Buildings Direct, we offer two different types of cladding in our wooden shed range. Cladding is the covering on your shed, and is what stops the weather damaging the shed interior, as well as any valuables stored inside.

Our tongue and groove wooden sheds represent a premium option, providing interlocking timber which creates a strong and durable panel to ensure longevity and excellent weather resistance.

Meanwhile, as the name suggests, overlap boards are placed on top of one another to create a rustic, overlapping effect. While being a cheaper alternative to tongue and groove, overlap cladding is still excellent in allowing rainwater to easily run-off the side of your shed.

With tongue and groove cladding, panels are designed to interlock. The result of this are smooth panels which comfortably join together, providing a clean finish. Tongue and groove cladding provides a huge amount of strength and durability to any wooden shed, thanks to its interlocking system. Because of this, the longevity of your shed will be increased, and more than enough protection will be provided against the harshest weather Britain is capable of throwing at it.

With overlap cladding, wooden boards are placed on top of each other. This provides a traditional and rustic aesthetic, as each board overlaps the previous one to create a panel effect. Overlap cladding is a brilliant option for a starter shed. This cladding is much cheaper than its counterparts, while still providing plenty of weather protection, as it causes rainwater to run off the sides. The lifespan of a wooden shed can greatly range, depending on a number of crucial factors.

These include the type of wood used when manufacturing the shed, how well constructed it is, and its location within your garden. Overall, a good-quality shed is capable of lasting upwards of fifteen years if well looked after! If you want your wooden shed to last, then proper care and maintenance is a must, with rotting wood being one of the most common problems to deal with.

You can keep a wooden shed dry by venting it as much as possible during coldest months of the year. This will allow fresh air to circulate through your shed, preventing a build-up of moisture. Heating your shed is also an effective means of keeping damp under control. If your shed has mains power, then a tubular or electric heater is definitely worth considering, in order to keep the internal temperature above the point where moisture can cause damp and mould.

If you intend to have your shed placed on a foundation or base, then we would recommend having the bottom of your wooden shed a minimum of four inches off the ground.

The steep gable roof of the Copper Creek storage shed has a unique look, perfect for those looking to add drama to their backyard. The Sonoma shed is a classic addition to any outdoor space and is known for its hip roof design that brings natural light to the interior. Loved for its roof design that allows for a loft, the Telluride shed kit has a historic feel that is sure to turn heads. A Summerwood original, the Palmerston shed design brings elegant backyard style to all your storage needs.

Get a striking look with the Melbourne, a backyard shed that packs style with its double doors and roominess. The Glen Echo can feel more like a home than a garden shed, with a 3 foot overhang for a perfect little porch. With a saltbox roof and french double doors, the Bar Harbor garden shed is the finishing touch to a picture perfect backyard space.

Find your perfect garden shed in the Urban Studio, a versatile design that boasts classic, modern head-turning style. Our seasoned designers would love to help you find your ideal design.

We're just a phone call away. With the many garden sheds 8x6 Garden Sheds For Sale With that we offer, chances are good you'll find exactly what you want. Or invent it. You can modify any of our existing DIY sheds, or design your ideal shed from scratch in our custom design center. Get our shed designers involved early.

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