Wooden Garages UK, Timber Garages For Sale - Tunstall Garden Buildings Our wooden garages are manufactured to the highest standards and we�re confident that you will love the versatility of our bespoke garden buildings. We can offer single, double, or triple wooden garages depending on the space your family needs or how many vehicles you own. The sizing levels of our wooden garages are suitable for properties of. Warwick Garages are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Timber Garages, Wooden Cart Lodges, Timber Storage Buildings, Workrooms, Farmshops, and other outstanding quality timber buildings. We specialise in the design and quality manufacture of wooden garages to meet the demanding needs of an ever expanding customer base throughout the. Triple Wooden Garage 9m x 6m (30x20 ft) 44 mm This garage has a roof reinforced with 4 gables and 66mm thick purlins to ensure no sagging occurs even with harsh weather conditions. The garage doors are high-quality forged-steel framed, making it very sturdy and secure.

Get your timber garage constructed with Tunstall Garden Buildings, and you can choose from four different cladded Large Wooden Garages Scotland finishes and a large variety of sizes and specifications to suit your space and budget requirements. Available with joinery made double doors part glazed or solid , up and over doors or in filled up and over doors, we can ensure that all of our customers receive a timber garage to their expectations.

Also available are automatic up and over remote controlled doors. We can provide doors tall enough for 4WD vehicles and wider than normal for easier access. If you would like more information about our wooden garages, please do not hesitate to get in touch. All timber garages will require 6" compacted hardcore, a Wooden Workshops And Garages Limited damp proof course, 4" concrete slab and one course of semi-engineering bricks, designed to be strong and long lasting. Garages are then secured down using through bolts.

Wooden Garages - The Superior Alternative. Our garages are created to enhance your property and create an ideal storage and workspace. Specifications For Our Garages.

First Last. You will need your own general building contractor for groundworks, Wooden Garages For Sale Near Me For Sale general building and roofing services. Our assembly team will work with your building contractor and erect the oak frame on your site in sync with your project plan.

The assembly will include erecting the full oak frame structure up to the roof level, including full oak frame, studwork, cladding, roof structure and fitting of any joinery you have requested.

Complete build � choose this option when you are planning a large project, or are located within a reasonable distance for our assembly teams to work on your site and require a general building contractor.

We will assist you with our network of trusted building contractors to take on the build. Please contact our team to talk about your project. We are more than happy to advise you on which package best suits your needs and budget. The end price of your building depends on the ratio of oak and softwood you wish to use. The main structural frame of your garage will always be oak, but you can choose how much of this we use and what the other components are made up from.

For example, a thinner oak frame e. On the opposite end of the scale, a chunky oak frame e. Our sales advisers will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you pitch your oak framed garage design at the price that suits your budget.

In many cases yes, but not always. Generous exemptions apply in many areas of the country in terms of permitted development, so it is always best to check with your local authority. In many regions, we are delighted to offer planning services.

If you are applying for planning yourself, we will be more than happy to advise you throughout the process. Can you help with planning application for my bespoke oak framed garage or outbuilding? Yes we can.

We offer a design and planning service, which is very competitively priced. If your planning situation is more complex, we can recommend planning consultants, who can advise on tricky cases.

See more about our planning services.

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