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Check out our Facebook page. See pictures of metal garages. Read what people have to say on our testimonials page. Check out our client list to see a few clients.

Our design team has been helping people professionally for over 30 years with quality manufacturing and satisfactory installation of metal buildings, storage sheds and building kits. You can browse our site and find prefab metal garages with a garage doors placed correctly for your circumstances.

Let us help you design your next steel garage! Our 3 step process produces steel buildings which cost the least in the industry. Let us assist! Let us help you succeed. Practical design features go into every metal building produced.

Providing you with a serviceable steel building for years to come. Industry leading manufacturing standards produce quality high-grade materials for your next metal garage building.

Factory trained personnel teams construct your metal building at your site quickly. Providing years of maintenance-free use. Prefab guard shacks have become very popular due to the increase in crime everywhere. With these portable safety buildings, layouts have been created in advance to help educate you about the structure and its options. General guardhouse information helps you know what type of structure you are looking for.

If you prefer a portable building, you can view images of some of our previous installations. The size is one of the first things you need to know, then create a layout or decide on one that works for you. You can look at guardhouse prices or get a quote on a security guard shack. Security guard buildings can be a great way to cut costs for businesses. How can the buildings cut business costs? The portable prefab shacks can allow a company to have their own security staff on site in order to keep the location safe and secure.

This way, the team is keeping up with overall security and at the same time, housed in a comfortable and protected structure. We utilize the most competitive carriers available to ensure you pay as little as possible.

Also, the quality of the carrier and safety standards they promote are not overlooked. Our goal is to make sure your metal building delivery occurs in a timely manner and maintains the quality it had in the factory before arriving to your home or business. This is the company website of Georgia Portable Buildings, a business that has served as an industry leading steel building supplier for over three decades.

Feel free to speak with us personally to offer any help that we can. Whether you need commercial steel buildings or you are looking for a structure at home, our goal is to provide you with an engineered metal building , steel garage or carport designed in such a way that it truly serves your needs as effectively as possible for years to come.

Our collection of high-quality steel products affords you a wide variety of possibilities. One of our true strengths is our engineering team. The expertise these structural engineers bring far exceeds industry standards.

This allows peace of mind for you and the valuables you wish to protect. No matter what your needs are, rest assured that we will keep you covered and protected from the elements while keeping you within your budget for your next carport, prefab guardhouse, steel structure or metal building.

Your showing a sincere interest is exactly why we came back to you guys. Metal Buildings. Metal Carports and RV Covers. Anchoring Carports and Metal Buildings. Concrete: How is my carport anchored to my concrete slab? Ground or dirt: How is my carport or RV cover anchored to the ground or dirt? Asphalt: How is my custom structure anchored to asphalt?

This illustrates the three carport roof styles available: Sizes Size is just one important factor to consider when shopping and seriously considering a steel building for your property. Width ranges: 10 feet wide to 40 feet wide and more if necessary Length ranges: 21 feet long to feet long if necessary Wall height ranges from: 6 feet tall to 14 feet tall with the peak or apex being taller This means that you could have a 24x30 or a 30x40 or a 30x50 or a 50x - the size is up to you.

Custom Metal Buildings and Steel Garages. We offer a metal building checklist that informs you from start to finish. Metal Building Service Area. We have a variety of structures featuring the dimensions and color you need to match your home. How Much is a 30x40 Metal Building? This structure is 30 wide x 40 long x 11 leg height x 16 foot apex height.

This is a great question. Well, have you ever noticed that a mattress company always seems to have a blowout sale? Metal Buildings: Important Checklist Find a building style and size you like Get metal building prices Request a personalized phone call from our hotline at Check out our Facebook page See pictures of metal garages Read what people have to say on our testimonials page Check out our client list to see a few clients Have a structure professionally installed or you may choose a diy kit.

Our Metal Building Process Our 3 step process produces steel buildings which cost the least in the industry. Prefab Guard Buildings For Sale. P Prefab guard shacks have become very popular due to the increase in crime everywhere.

We can personally work with you to draw up a design for your security booth that is customized. Various options for the guard houses include:. Warranty year warranty against rust through on the siding year warranty on the all pressure-treated wooden parts. Shipping We utilize the most competitive carriers available to ensure you pay as little as possible. There are many reasons for you to choose modular buildings.

Have modular buildings constructed with precision and consistency, as the factory environment allows comprehensive quality control. These buildings are built indoors. This prevents adverse weather conditions and provides inherent safety against risk of falls and slips.

Modular buildings are built in an environmentally responsible manner. Waste is kept at a minimum during their construction. This not only helps to preserve the environment but also saves you money. These buildings are flexible in nature because they are reusable, relocatable, and portable. You can easily relocate temporary modular buildings or you can easily reuse them with a few changes in a new project. In order to expand them, you can easily and quickly add more modules to modular buildings.

Modular buildings are available in a variety of styles and sizes. You can design these buildings by choosing from a number of layouts or bringing your own floor plan. Use prefab modular for both residential and commercial purposes. Design modular buildings for future conveniences and accessible living.

Modular buildings can be built for all sorts of budgets. Why Us? Call our structure hotline at to get help fast! Some Clients View Client List. There are a variety of sizes available for our Lofted Cabin Sheds.

Our lofted cabins have been used for a variety of purposes. Everyone from scrapbooking moms to people needing more storage for their tools, our lofted cabins are a great choice. Yard Barns or Standard Barns are the most simple and moderately priced building we offer.

The standard yard barn is great for the person who is looking to store a small lawn mower or just wanting extra storage for your home. Metal Sheds are an economical alternative to the utility shed. Windows cannot be installed in the metal sheds. If you like the utility shed but need more space for your dollar the metal shed might be what you need.

Storage Sheds Ellijay, Ga. Floor joists never span more than about 5 ft without being supported by a 4x6 skid. All buildings come with locks and keys. Treated buildings come water sealed with 3 year water sealer.

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