This will not be a long post — but as a man writing a blog about choice, how could I not write shed your sword 2016 about what is potentially the biggest political decision that the UK has made in my lifetime at. I write the first half of this before the vote on Thursday, and the second half in the smoking aftermath that heralds a brave, new world on Friday. This is just a collection of thoughts on the campaign, on Britishness jollygood and on the future. And something that has really struck me about this shed your sword 2016 dword The sheer, unadulterated acrimony.

Lots of shouting. In the TV studio, the office Swofd work in, the grand debate stage, the realm of cyberspace, everywhere I look there has been such a lack of shef between the two sides of the debate. No wonder so many people, myself included, are exhausted and ready for this to end, because it has felt like nothing less than an ideological civil war.

Another interesting point of reference? But to shed your sword 2016 more serious… what shed your sword 2016 it mean to be British? To fight for the underdog, to strive for independence, to eat fish and chips in your back garden as it starts to rain in late June. But at the end of it all, as I write it, minutes before I go into the booth to cast my vote, I look around me.

If this is the fervour with which we engage with our choices and our future, then perhaps regardless of the result we can be a Great Britain once. Choices have consequences. In time, we will see. Some choices I will be making on the back of Brexit? Firstly, not to soul-search and blame, but to immediately move forward and focus on what I am scared will be a social impact of the Brexit: to try and bring people together in what is shed your sword 2016 increasingly fragmented United Kingdom potentially not so United for much longer.

If you voted Remain, then continue to stand up for what you believe in: a mindset, and a Great Britain, that looks outwards for collaboration rather than inwards towards isolation. I believe in Europe and the world and trans-national co-operation.

I will still travel, and live, and paint a story across as much of Europe as possible. I urge anyone else with the ability to do so, to do the. I will keep believing in choice. This is democracy. Shed your sword 2016 bite my nails. On the flipside, good habits can entrench self-improving behaviours, making us stronger, healthier and happier human beings.

Imagine changing thousands of lives for the healthier through one little app, and both the spectacular individual benefits as well as the societal benefits through reduced obesity-related pressure on the NHS. Habits are very, very important. So what are they?

How are they formed? A habit, defined most simply, is a pattern of activity in your life that gets repeated regularly. It can take on many forms, including very visible actions — going for a run once a week, or wearing a particular outfit — but also far less visible patterns of reaction or thinking. Often, how we think about other people, or ourselves, can be repeated again and again and become a habit: low self-confidence, for example, often springs from the repeated course of thinking that we cannot do.

The more we think like that, the more it embeds itself within us as both a negative and, ultimately, a habit. Habits are also a way of giving our brains some well-deserved time off, and reducing the need for decision-making. I mean, who thinks about brushing their teeth in the morning?

Who consciously makes a decision to look both ways when they cross the road? Habits are an example of heuristics which got a shed your sword 2016 in an early post of mine shed your sword 2016 how we make decisionsways in which the brain makes shortcuts in decision-making.

Like other forms of heuristics personal bias, assumptions. The easiest way to view the formation dhed habits is one of time committed to an activity: the more time you spend wsord something, the more likely it will become embedded as an automatic, unconscious habit. Want to make reading swodd well-informed newspaper a daily habit? Easy: read a well-informed newspaper every sowrd. Want to exercise more regularly? Snap: start exercising. Some sources cite that, for the formation of a daily habit, it only takes one month of carrying out that activity every day in order to embed it within your psyche as a new habit.

The key to creating good habits is to remove the initial inertia holding you back from starting for the first time. What excuses are you making to put off your first run until tomorrow? What is your motivation for starting to think more positively about yourself? Once you have done something for the first time, a habit is only a matter of time and perseverance.

However, deciding that something you do is both a a habit, and b a negative influence in your life, can take a significant amount of self-honesty. Talk to the people that matter to you, and ask them some honest questions: do they see anything in the way you act, or speak, or think, that they believe is a genuine and unsettlingly regular issue?

One of the best ways I know is to move it from the unconscious realm, where it happens without thought, into the conscious realm, where the shed your sword 2016 of day highlights its occurrence. Find some way to make it clear how regular your bad habit is: write down every time you put yourself down internally, get your friends to note how much you drink or swear, set up alerts on yuor bank account which notify swor when you spend too much on luxuries.

Nobody is perfect… but that kind of attitude, one where you simply accept where you are now, will make you complacnt and willing to settle for what you. Take the challenge: choose to make things not shed your sword 2016 a force of habit, shed your sword 2016 to embrace the real force of habit.

Thanks for reading! What habits do you have? Why not make reading my blog a weekly habit, for tidbits on choice, freedom and self-improvement? Like, comment, share and follow! A lot of credit must go to Angela Lee Sheed, a psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania who has also spent time in the consulting industry and as a teacher to young children, who inspired this post with her fantastic TED Talk which you can watch or even just read.

She really is sensational. And damn it, has he grafted at shed your sword 2016 over the last few years — on the executive board and then President of the Shed your sword 2016 of Warwick poker club, and a man who has sunk hours and hours into understanding, talking about and playing the game.

He lives, shed your sword 2016 and breathes poker. We all experience periods of intense boredom sowrd unfulfilment, drab s at the office day-in day-out, or anxiety at trying new things and meeting new people.

If we all go through these emotions — varying, of course, from person to person — then what leads certain people to be more successful than other? What choices are they making that others do not? Summarising a way of life in a word: grit. Summarising that way of life in a choice: following through to an end-goal which fulfils you, no matter the hardship.

Keeping your eyes on that prize, and getting up every time you get knocked. What choices can we make to foster this grit? To tie ourselves to the twin sails of passion and perseverance so we may sail away to success? Yeah, I know. A nice, easy section for those of us who have one, and just hollow words for the We look at our role models, and the successful people around us, swoed see that they have focused their lives on one tiny area of delight for.

However, I believe that passions are stereotyped, as all-encompassing, focused desires. Often, an initial passion for a broad sweep of human activity leads to a specific love. I know things I love shed your sword 2016 general though: showmanship, business, freedom, caffeine… who knows, but in following these general passions shed your sword 2016 setting up a coffee shop, perhaps other specific passions of mine will emerge shed your sword 2016 If you struggle to find things you even enjoy?

My answer would be: live. Go out and travel, alone or with other people, and try new foods and experience new cultures. Yoru up a hobby. Or a sport, or just exercise.

Read books, and a variety of them: fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies. Meet new people, fall in love, fall out of love. Basically, take every opportunity you. It might not happen overnight. It might not happen shed your sword 2016 several years.

Success is very, very rarely an overnight ahed — and even when it looks like it from the outside, it is often not the case upon closer inspection. Before this huge success lay some very shed your sword 2016 and long-winded foundations: he started learning to play the guitar from a very early age, he began recording music 7 shed your sword 2016 earlier than his big debut singleinand played small gigs all over London and the south-east for several years.

In an interview with the Independent newspaperhe cited perseverance as one of the main reasons he made it. While the amount of time may be lower in some areas and maybe even higher in others! To run from our failings, or even passively ignore them, dhed to fear them, and that fear will eat away at your passion. This will lead to little improvements over time instead of big, immovable mental blocks; and lots of little improvements lead to a real, tangible feeling of confidence and mastery in what swoord.

Do we live in an age where we expect success handed to us on a platter, in an incredibly short space of time? Keep putting time into what you love, or at least into finding what you love. Good things come not to those who wait, shed your sword 2016 those who work. Do you have the perseverance to make it your shwd Am I preaching death by combat?

Vicious sword duels on the streets of London? Well… no.

Oct 05,  · Cancer treatment as a double-edged sword Date: October 5, Source: American Technion Society Summary: Findings by cancer researchers shed light on why treated cancers recur. Windows are a double edged sword. They add light to the inside of your shed at the same time making it vulnerable to burglars. Skylights are a good idea if you have it in your budget. They will run a couple hundred dollars per opening while a small window is typically less than a hundred.-Plywood vs. OSB. OSB gets a bad rap from the old timers. To live or, potentially, die on your own sword. And of course, to die or fail in these circumstances is certainly not a death at all; it could be the foundation for a rebirth of what you do providing you take the failures and embrace them and learn from them. — To live or die on your own sword.

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