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Leveling materials are not included in this kit. If you choose to install your kit on a concrete slab refer to the diagram below. Treated Sill Plate Caulk between sill plate and concrete. A level and square floor frame is required to correctly construct your shed. Use level and check the frame is level before applying floor panels. BEGIN Attach the 48 x 96" panel with the rough side up painted-grid lines side with the 48" edge and corner flush to the floor frame Fig A.

Secure panel with two 2" nails in the corners. Use grid lines on panel for 2" Check the floor frame is level after installing floor panels. Re-level if needed. Right Wall Back wall Front wall Left wall Your window location will be determined later during assembly. Ensure your wall frame is square by installing one panel and squaring frame.

Place 48 x 72" panel onto wall frame flush to top of frame with primed side up as shown. Place center 48" x 72" panel on frame as shown with primed side facing up. Secure panel with two 2" Maintain flush to top of frame edge. Hold the measurements and secure with 2" Secure using 2" 5,1 cm nails 6" 15,2 cm apart on edges and 12" While keeping UN flush, secure to top plate using eight 3" screws.

Flush Fig. Secure using five 3" screws on angle spaced evenly. A Flush Flush to 2x It is important to secure the right sidewall in the following order. It is important to secure the left sidewall in the following order.

It is important to secure the back wall in the following order. Set back wall on side wall top plates and secure using two 3" screws on each side Fig A. Set back wall on side wall top plates and secure using two 3" Center front wall on floor side-to-side.

Secure top plate to side walls using two 3" nails Fig. A, B, E. Face gusset inward. Rest notch on top plate. Secure rafter to top plate with two 3" screws above notch Fig.

Place remaining rafters on top plate, aligned over studs as shown and secure with 3" Place front gable assembly centered on front wall panel and flush to rafter peak Fig. Secure to UN using seven 2" finish nails, 16" apart Fig.

Ridgepointe 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed. Costco 4. Summary of positive-to-neutral reviews: Several of the wall studs and roof joists were severely warped. Summary of negative reviews: Yardline Ridgepointe 8 ' x 12 ' Wood Storage Shed The wood material came with this kit was very cheap and you have to buy roof. Customer reviews summary for. Braxton 12' x 24' Garage Shed. Costco 3. Crestwood 14' x 8' Wood Storage Shed. Magnolia 6' x Ridgepointe Wood Storage Sheds Qs 8' Wood Storage Shed. If you are then these plans are less than a night out and include over 40 sets of plans, so you can choose what you like after you know how to build it.

You can even send the lists off to lumber yards to get quotes and save money on your materials too. These are the best value plans we could find on the internet. If your thinking of building from scratch then definitely have a closer look. That means there are no windows, shutters, or flowerboxes included with this shed. All you get is a strong, no frills shed.

But what you do get is robust. The siding is also high quality, and the doors come preassembled. The door handle is lockable, and fine air vents are provided for the front and back. One click to see more info. The cedar paneling on this shed gives it a more natural look and it will fit in well in tree lined areas. The lining is also made from cedar, which we think Wood Storage Sheds With Porch 5th makes a big difference to the look.

Practically, it is a nice shed also. With an okay sized double door opening 5 ft and high roof making it accessible for the taller folk. You can compare prices at Amazon , or at Lowes here. This kit is the next best thing to having a carpenter by your side. The brackets take out the need for angle cuts.

This means no expensive equipment is needed to make your frame. A material list is even included which gives you all the sizes you need, how easy is that? The kit is great for those who want something custom made. It is easy to make the door a little bigger, add some windows, and raise or lower the roof of the shed to whatever you want.

Easy to use for those who want to do it themselves. Get more info here. Also available in a gable roof style version. The double doors open to a large 6ft wide opening, making it easy to get your larger items in and out.

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