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Bank of America has a higher chance of failing than Bitcoin. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved. The administration is providing relief to 72, borrowers who said they were defrauded. Restarting vaccinations in parts of Europe is providing some support, but it may not be enough to offset lower demand caused by the renewed lockdowns.

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The indictment describes a series of investment rounds by various funds not identified by name. Spokespersons for the U. The criminal case is U. Apte, cr, U. An earlier version of this story corrected the participation by 8VC and Andreessen Horowitz in fundraising For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg. Wall Street closed out a choppy week of trading Friday with major stock indexes mostly lower and all finishing in the red for the week.

Bond yields were mixed, though the year Treasury yield inched higher. Dow 30 32, Nasdaq 13, Russell 2, Crude Oil Gold 1, Silver It is the gateway to the conscious mind and to rational understanding, the focus of left-brain activity, the key to memory.

The number 3 is symbolised by the triangle, representing the connection of mind, soul and body. It is symbolised by the square, the basis of all practical construction. It also represents the opposite of creativity - destruction. This is "negative" creativity expressed as worry, stress, anxiety and depression. It is the teaching learning number, the number of practical philosophical experience. Such learning is usually acquired through sacrifice as the means of indelible instruction.

It is the number of wisdom expressed intuitively through loving action. It brings independence into focus. As mind in action, it represents ambition the physical aspect , responsibility the thinking aspect and idealism the spiritual aspect , and so combines the attributes of each of the previous numbers. The 0 is present in many birth dates and has an important symbolic significance. Philosophically and mathematically, it represents nothing as the numerator and everything as the denominator , the two infinite ends of the finite, neither of which is physically attainable.

Thus, it is a totally mystical symbol, indicative of the degree of spiritual mysticism inherent but rarely developed in the individual. Anyone who has one or more zeros in their birth date has an inherent spirituality that they should recognise, for it has the potential to assist them in understanding many of the deeper aspects of life such as life's purpose, the power of thought and the process of reincarnation.

Let me explain each in turn. The initial cry of the newborn baby, the adult's yell for help, the last gasping word of the dying - they all emanate from and through Basic Self.

It is at this level that the child attains practical familiarity with its environment. Expression of the five physical senses seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling constitute the primary functions of Basic Self, together with talking, laughing, crying and all other physical activities. Basic Self motivation is largely reactive once we have grown old enough to master the physical activities in our environment. It is the body in self-defence; it is instinctive behaviour as distinct from the intuitive behaviour of High Self.

Insecurity, sensation seeking, the desire for control of situations or of other people, or just blatant exhibitionism are the expressions of Basic Self. Basic Self people are ego-motivated, and their wants desires or demands often supersede their needs requirements and preferences. They are noticeably left-brain motivated.

An understanding of numerology will be of considerable help to such people, who will learn to contain Basic Self so that it is the slave of the ego, not its master, and so life's lessons are readily recognised without need for harsher repetition and compounded sacrifice.

In fact, it is the body in action when total integration with the other two "Selves" is present. Otherwise, it is the body in "reaction. Ego is then motivated by compassion and wisdom, our physical lives become organised, and we become more patient with ourselves and others.

Our lives become less sacrificial as we become more philosophic. We evolve from the victim to the victor. Basic Self in its fullness is the positive connection of the three numbers of the Physical Plane: 1, 4 and 7. See Chapters 5 and 6. It can also be the home of our joy and sadness as well as our ability to choose either joy or sadness.

It is the domain of memory, creativity and idealism. Conscious Self is the bridge between Basic Self and High Self, integrating our reactive and instinctive aspects with our spiritual values. It is the connection between the left and right lobes of our brain. When it chooses to be negative, Conscious Self becomes "unconscious self. However, if we allow it to fulfil its ultimate purpose, Conscious Self is the great appraiser.

It translates spiritual awareness into physical consciousness. Conscious Self helps us to interpret intuition, love and wisdom. It's the place where knowledge, compassion and wisdom is translated into positive action.

Conscious Self is anchored in the memory; it links past knowledge with present experience to create a repository of pertinent information. When used positively, this repository becomes the basis of our confidence and self-esteem, and expands to embrace enhanced creativity and, even further, intelligent idealism. The three numbers of the Mind Plane are 3, 6 and 9, and they unite to empower Conscious Self. It is the essence of sensitivity and feeling, the aspect of our being that recognises and determines our needs.

It expresses itself as intuition, love and wisdom. It is our highest form of expression, the God within. Action through High Self is largely right-brained: creative, spiritual and compassionate. Many people confuse love with emotions.

True love is a function of High Self. Physical attraction Basic Self and mental conditioning Conscious Self frequently accompany love, but not necessarily.

Love has a depth that permeates every facet of positive human expression. It enjoys expression through the emotions, but it is not governed by the emotions. High Self is best facilitated through the development of our intuition, which leads to a depth of personal freedom.

Attendant to such freedom is a newfound wealth and compassion. It leads to a depth of wisdom that is almost legendary in human expression.

In numerology, High Self is represented as the Soul or Feeling Plane, comprising the numbers 2, 5 and 8. The new millennium with every birth date at least including a two will see a more genuine spirituality manifested in human affairs. The key to discovering the inner self through numerology is the Birth Chart.

The primary purpose of the Birth Chart is to reveal at a glance the overall formula or pattern of our strengths and weaknesses. Each different birth date results in a different Birth Chart - there are almost endless variations, but the construction is always the same.

Handed down form teacher to teacher over the centuries in its pure, uncorrupted form, let me introduce you to the noble simplicity of the Pythagorean Birth Chart.

STEP 1 Convert your birth date to its full numerical equivalent. Always remember to include the full year. The vertical lines intersect the horizontal lines like a noughts-and-crosses layout. STEP 3 Each of the nine spaces is the permanent home for each of the nine numbers. Whenever a number appears in a birth date, it must always be placed in its own space, nowhere else. If numbers are absent from the birth date, the corresponding spaces of the Birth Chart remain empty. If all numbers were present in the birth date, the completed Birth Chart would appear as fully balanced: This reveals no missing numbers; it further reveals an impossibility.

The most numbers we can have in our birth date is eight, of which the numbers 1, 2 or 3 must be repeated. The two Birth Charts would appear as: Obviously, the maximum number of empty spaces on a Birth Chart for the 20th century is seven, while for the 21st century it is eight. A further important aspect is the absence of 0 from any Birth Chart.

Its value and purpose were explained in Chapter 3. Though this person's spiritual powers are heightened, the Mind and Physical Planes are poorly undernourished.

To construct your own Birth Chart, simply draw a naked Birth Chart and fill in the spaces with your birth date numbers. We are now ready to analyse its many and various aspects. But first we need to observe the overall Birth Chart in its entirety, as a key to unlocking vital secrets of the inner self. We must recognise the three Selves as expressed on the three Planes that comprise the Birth Chart. Here we see the balanced Birth Chart with its three Planes and their meanings.

The degree of concentration of numbers on each Plane gives a general indication of which Self is most fluently expressed. This knowledge is extremely beneficial in human relationships, for it reveals the level of communication most favoured by each person.

How much better would be our rapport with our spouse, children and work colleagues if we instantly knew their preferred Plane of expression, i. Her dominant strength appears in her Physical Plane with her compounded 4's. Little wonder she was so easily enticed back to work in the entertainment industry. This is not to say that she has deserted the spiritual, for it is clear that she needs to develop this undernourished aspect of herself.

But is she prepared to give it as much focus as it needs, or is she content with being the "New Age guru" she speedily became when, in fact, she was but a novice in the field! It embraces memory, thinking, analysing, rationalising, imagining, creating, responsibility, ambition and idealism. It also embraces intuition, love, freedom, positive emotions, artistic expression, spiritual independence and wisdom. It embraces verbal expression, motivation, body language, organisation, patience, materialism and learning through sacrifice.

It is usually a reliable indication of the extent to which a person reacts to other people and circumstances the immediate environment.

It tends to indicate the degree of personal self-control - or its lack. This number is the foundation of the personality, for it represents the ego and how it is expressed or suppressed. GONE I Birth dates with a single 1 belong to people who have some difficulty in verbal self-expression. This is not to imply they cannot speak well, rather it indicates the difficulty they have in giving clear explanations of their inner feelings.

They can be forceful orators when the subject doesn't involve the expression of personal feelings, but fall short of putting into words their attitudes or conduct. Until they develop adequate self- mastery - a product of maturity and understanding - self-expression will not come easily to them. At times, they will intentionally say the opposite of what they mean as a form of aggressive defence, intended to hurt or offend as a selfprotection mechanism.

This invariably compounds the initial problem, leading to some frightful arguments. They must learn to think before they speak, and can do so by taking conscious command of their responses rather than reacting in the moment, as the spoken word is often impossible to retract, and hurt feelings are difficult to mend.

To overcome this limitation, take a blank notebook. Head the first page with today's date. Then tonight before bed, take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and feelings about the day.

Be sure to cover the things you didn't do or say that you would like to have done or said, or the things that you said that you wished you hadn't. The following morning, at the first opportunity, read the previous night's entry aloud to yourself in front of a full-length mirror to observe your body language.

Do it regularly and you'll notice the confidence in your self-expression grow. O Two IBS Blessed with the gift of balanced self-expression, people with two l's are the most fortunate people. It is a valuable Birth Chart characteristic that should always be used wisely - never abuse it for manipulative purposes. Always take care to avoid intolerance of people who are not so fortunate, especially if you are in love with someone without two l's.

This makes for an extremely broad understanding of situations and people. Many successful politicians and other public figures are found to have two l's. It tends to heighten humanitarian awareness and expression, and the ability to see both sides of any problem. The most frequently encountered is the talkative type, the chatterbox who is invariably bright and interesting and likes to be involved in many and varied activities.

They generally find life enjoyable and seek to share that enjoyment with others. The second group comprises a minority who also have no numbers on the Soul Plane. They are generally quiet, somewhat introspective and occasionally shy, especially with strangers.

However, they do tend to become perky and talkative in friendly company when they feel at ease. These people find they can express themselves better through writing, where their thoughts flow more freely, uninhibited by their acute sensitivity.

But life soon teaches them to hide emotional turmoil with a smile, though they tend to suffer inwardly unless they learn to release such emotions and not strongly identify with them.

A strong egocentricity, these people identify with those for whom they share deep feelings. But they do not easily verbalise such feelings. For their personal happiness and that of the people who are close to them, it is important for people with four l's to take command of their emotions.

As they relax more and improve in self-confidence, they will feel less inhibited and become freer to express rather than suppress their inner feelings. Young can indeed be quite sad as they are often misunderstood. This creates aloofness, which leads in turn to increasing loneliness. They can become somewhat obsessive about their appearances and actions and often have lots of mirrors at home, which they tend to cover lest people should think them egocentric. Yet they secretly adore looking at themselves.

Such egoism and deception can readily lead to mental imbalances. This applies to all children irrespective of age. The occurrence of seven l's in a birth date is extremely rare, fortunately appearing no more than once a century throught the 20th century O NUMBER 2 Located at the gateway of the Soul Plane, 2 is the key to intuition, sensitivity and feeling.

After the number 1 and 9, 2 is the most common found in birth dates of the 20th century, and will clearly be the most common number of the 21st century. To possess a 2 on your Birth Chart is indeed a blessing, for it provides you with a valuable guide to the degree of your sensitivity and intuition. As these faculties develop, you acquire an enhanced understanding of yourself, other people, life and all creation.

As those born in the 21st century grow to maturity and take increased responsibility in human affairs, the 20th century's headlong crusade into egocentricity and ambition will give way to intuitive sensitivity to world affairs. We'll also witness greater honour and fairness in business dealings, and increased concern in domestic affairs and friendships. Meanwhile, do not assume that birth dates without a number 2 indicate a total absence of intuition and sensitivity.

Rather, it simply suggests that these traits need to be developed. With so much emphasis on artificial values in social, artistic and commercial expression today, individuals must be "tuned in" to successfully compete.

And this cannot be properly achieved without a high degree of balanced sensitivity. Without the balance, sensitive natures can be easily hurt, often resulting in unwise reactions. This is more so with men than with women. A single 2 provides a valuable foundation for developing balanced sensitivity, but the balanced double 2 offers the ideal qualities. Women possess a "de facto" 2 on their Birth Chart, for their very natures are more highly sensitive and intuitive than that of men.

In general, people with one 2 on their Birth Chart have found that they need ample time to relax and spend time in nature away from the intensity of competitive living. An individual's Ruling Number is the most reliable guide for how to do this see Chapter 7. Even so, people with two 2's must use it appropriately and recognise that any virtue not used invariably deteriorates. An innate perception endows these people with an intelligence that is above the average, based on an acute natural ability to understand people and circumstances.

They possess an amazingly reliable guide when it comes to first impressions, almost instant and accurate opinions of people and concepts are often made.

Sincerity or insincerity in others is thereby easily detected, so long as their ego and imagination do not interfere and colour their basic intuition. The balanced intuitive sensitivity of these people if positively expressed tends to draw them to become involved in many aspects of human affairs. They generally do so with significant success, but need to guard against the tendency of becoming too available for too many worthy causes. This could be to the detriment of their personal happiness at home.

As always, balance is the key to their success. Three 2's on a Birth Chart indicates an unbalanced sensitivity, a hypersensitivity that can become quite an emotional load to carry for some people. It indicates that the person is highly attuned to the feelings of others, resulting in a ready inclination to become deeply involved in other people's problems.

As a form of sensitive self-protection, these people have the tendency to spend much of their time in a world of their own feelings, thereby exhibiting an aloofness that can lead to loneliness. Many people with three 2's work in the entertainment field where they achieve remarkable success, sensitively portraying other characters.

However, difficulty in expressing deep personal feelings also arises from such sensitivity, leading to hurts. They then tend to become defensive and impulsively say hurtful things. However, success coping with life's emotional roller coaster will be largely under the charge of their parents, whose most constructive role is to assist their children in achieving a solid basis of self-confidence, in line with the path indicated by the child's Ruling Number see Chapter 7.

O FOUR 2's Such a high level of impressionability has to be carefully and continuously disciplined or it will easily erupt into severe misrepresentations, invariably accompanied by bad temper, sarcasm and spite. These people are often extremely impatient. Their intuition becomes unreliable as they misinterpret so much, and their confusion tends to place their confidence in the wrong people.

They invariably overreact and become quite volatile and emotionally unbalanced. Extreme patience and understanding needs to be shown by family and friends of which they rarely have too many. Though people with four 2's comprise only a very small proportion of the population, they feature highly in marital break-ups and bankruptcies, or homes for handicapped people. They rarely make high public office, yet when they do, they find it difficult to be considered credible, thus sinking to the bottom quicker than they rose unless they have some highly influential family strings to pull.

The lives of people with four 2's are often very lonely, and many turn to drugs, alcohol and other substances or habits. They can avoid such emotional isolation if they open themselves up to wise and appropriate counselling. They need to learn to firmly apply self-control when it comes to emotional expression, to relax and meditate as needed and flow with the movement of life rather than be at variance with it. I've only met one person with such a birth date and, though it was in a business environment, it was clear that the person was hiding a deep heartache and was confused in his own personal life.

This confusion carried over into his business decision making and resulted in unnecessary bankruptcy not long after. Individuals with five 2's are very likely to become totally reactive to their enormous sensitivity. They need extremely concentrated and devoted care and guidance, especially when very young, and they will try another's patience to the ultimate.

In the last century, Birth Charts with five 2's also had at least a 1 and a 9, but in this millennium individuals with six or seven 2's will not have such a minor counterbalance, so will need extraordinarily special counselling and care right from infancy if possible when it comes to emotional expression. Whereas with l's and 2's the most ideal balance and power were found when either was represented on the Birth Chart as a pair, with the 3 and higher numbers, right up to 9, the single number indicates the most desirable strength for itself and to assist balanced power elsewhere in the Birth Chart.

Absence of the number 3 on the Birth Chart does not imply mental weakness unless the person succumbs to laziness and or indifference. Generally, it indicates that the person needs to exert greater effort in the mental spheres, especially if their Ruling Number is not a mind number see Chapter 7 , or their sun sign is not a head sign see Chapter However, the tendency towards laziness when the 3 is absent must be recognised and corrected in the younger years, or else it will create great difficulties in later years.

This 3 makes it easy for them to maintain alert mental activity. The power of the 3 is a great natural aid to the young.

It will assist them with their education, formally and informally. They will maintain an active interest in life and the environment. As mental strength and agility are vital foundations for the cultivation of a balanced and optimistic understanding of life, these people generally have happy dispositions and can readily apply themselves successfully to most tasks.

They usually possess an above average level of self- confidence, which also contributes to their success in life. Such power has to be carefully disciplined to facilitate its most useful and most balanced expression, and to avoid what might become antisocial behaviour if allowed to run riot.

To facilitate self-discipline, the practice of meditation is valuable, together with memory training and the development of intuition. This enables the development of more constructive thought processes. Otherwise, the highly active brain of the two 3's will place too much emphasis on imagination to the detriment of objective planning, investigation and positive comprehension. In so doing, they tend to lose tract of reality. Most people with two or three 3's on their Birth Charts have significant writing ability, though they rarely realise this without outside help.

They need to be encouraged to set their thoughts and imagin ings on paper, for this will stimulate a free-flowing literary expression. In turn, such expression will help these people channel this potentially rampant quality, and perhaps readily turn it into a lucrative source of income.

They create their own "reality," but unfortunately no one else sees it that way, thereby contributing to their isolation. Their fertile imagination is so intent on thinking ahead and conceiving weird scenarios that they often find it difficult to focus on the present and relate to other people. With such an overbalance, these people find trust difficult to accept, are rarely relaxed and may become addicted to stressrelieving drugs.

Close friendships are rare for them and happiness is very much a stranger in their lives. They are sometimes so absorbed in their mental adventures that they become oblivious to everything around them, which can be quite disconcerting when people are talking to them. Such unbalanced concentration does not equip these people to see things in their true perspective. Their introversion exacerbates their distrust of other people, often leading to argumentativeness.

That these people need patient, understanding and caring assistance is patently obvious. The best way to provide this is to encourage them to focus on the present moment. They need to be taught practicality through the conscious application of their hands and hearts to manual activity of an artistic nature.

Patience and understanding on the part of the helper must ultimately prevail. The excessive imagination and mental hyperactivity of these people can bring them to the point of intense fear, worry and confusion. They have little or no regard for physical concerns, with a terribly impractical outlook on life in general. As understanding them demands so much of others, they rarely have close friends.

Yet that is exactly what they need, most especially someone who will help withdraw their attention from the intensely mental toward more practical concerns. There is no other way by which they will become balanced or happy individuals. The phobias and obsessions plaguing the person with four 3's will only intensify if they are acknowledged as real. Such attitudes must be shown for what they are - figments of the imagination that clearly indicate severe deficiencies in these people's means of expression.

They need to be encouraged and taught practical activities, such as dressmaking, hairdressing, landscaping, interior decorating and writing. They must become involved in the "doing" side of life.

It is a practical and material number, located squarely in the centre of the Physical Plane of the Birth Chart. People with this number are generally tidy and meticulous, practical and organised. Birth Charts without a 4 indicate a degree of impatience in the person, but the degree to which this prevails depends significantly upon other numerological factors, such as Ruling Number, Day Number and Arrows.

For example, if they also possess the Arrow of the Intellect, they will be impatient with people who do not speedily grasp explanations or concepts. If they have the Arrow of Emotional Balance, they will be impatient with people who do not keep their emotions under control. Such an impatient disposition can be largely overcome by conscious attention to detail and by care and concern for other people's needs. Their most fluent avenue of expression will be generally indicated by their Ruling Number see Chapter 7.

They prefer practice to principles and become impatient with unwarranted delays and procrastination. They want to get on with the task at hand, and will become especially dogmatic about this, as they also possess a number 7 in the Birth Chart.

Too much emphasis on the physical can make them somewhat materialistic. This is a negative aspect of the 4, and its intention is to teach them to use their natural patience to avoid extreme materialism, best achieved through the development of care and compassion for others. Only in this way will they attain lasting friendship and happiness. The powerful utilitarian aspect of these people must seek balanced expression between the physical, mental and spiritual.

This allows them to learn to identify and be in harmony with their thoughts and feelings. If their Ruling Number is spiritual or mental see Chapter 7 , these people will have a greater natural ability to rise above the physical than if their Ruling Number were also physical.

A well-chosen name will also be of considerable help to achieve balance see Chapter The more 4's on the Birth Chart, the greater the need for balance to be developed, and greater care must be exercised in choosing friends. They should especially endeavour to steer clear of the harddrinking, heavy-smoking type of person, for they require far more sensitivity from friends and colleagues if they are to be successful in developing balance in their lives.

These people will benefit from the company of others who enjoy the aesthetic and cultural qualities of life. Those who recognise this pull to materialism must employ great effort of will and be receptive to dedicated, caring guidance. Many people with this aspect feel the constant pull toward hard, manual work and persist with it to the point of exhaustion, not realising that their lesson is the mastery of it, rather than enslavement to it.

Only through such mastery do they acquire the desirable balance between the physical and mental and spiritual expression. They must guard against relating everything to the physical and going overboard about such concerns as neatness. They should take exceptional care of their knees, ankles and feet.

Due to the extreme pull of the physical, extreme care in all activities must be taken. There exists a critical weakness in their lower limbs, which for many will result in temporary or permanent crippling. All the advice and help suggested for those with three 4's applies even more so when four 4's appear on the Birth Chart. Extreme patience is demanded with these people; as they are so highly sceptical of non-physical metaphysical concepts you can easily become bored with their one-eyed pragmatism.

As the second number on the Soul Feeling Plane, 5 is the numerological equivalent of the heart chakra, for it symbolises love and freedom of expression, emotionally and artistically It is the only number on the Birth Chart to have direct contact with every other number. Its "symbolic love" influence enhances the expression of every quality in life as expressed by the other numbers. Its other unique factor is its containment, being completely "boxed in" and surrounded, whereas each of the other eight numbers is open to the universe.

At first glance, this might appear a paradox for the number that represents freedom, but it actually indicates how freedom must be attained - by dismantling rigid barriers that seek to entrap humans.

It is also the only number that ensures that none of the corner numbers take on their isolated qualities as explained at the end of this chapter. In particular, the single 5 greatly assists the individual in achieving emotional control, for it ensures that their sensitivity to life develops as a reliable intuitive guide.

This allows them to become more adept at choosing suitable courses of action, rather than responding to situations through thoughtless reaction. It also provides the power of love and freedom that enhances all other forms of expression. The single 5 assists the individual in understanding their own feelings and so enhances a deep appreciation for the feelings of others. Two 5's People with this concentration of 5's are frequently recognised for their driving intensity.

The outward reflection of this vigour is invariably expressed in their powerful, staring eyes and furrowed brows. Intensified determination gives them an air of great confidence and self-assurance, which can often be more wishful than factual. As they mature, this self-assurance tends to diminish to mere bravado, and they find it difficult to cope with the intense emotional, domestic and vocational troubles that emerge in their lives from time to time. They must watch the tendency to over-intensify these troubles and magnify them out of all proportion.

The drive and enthusiasm of these people can at times become overbearing and the cause of misunderstandings - to the annoyance and exasperation of the people close to them. So intense are they in the expression of their attitudes that they often create emotional turmoil in their environment and, develop digestive ulcers and associated health problems in the region of the solar plexus.

They regularly suffer from indigestion; for many it has prevailed for so long and become so chronic that they hardly seem to realise they have it, except for the intestinal gas, constipation and stomach distension.

Preceding meal times, they must make certain that their emotions do not take charge, or they will suffer from acute digestion soon after the meal. A hot cup of naturally soothing herb tea, such as chamomile, sipped about half an hour before the meal, plus some soft relaxing music during the meal, will be greatly beneficial to them and, for that matter, to everyone.

Such emotional intensity as this can be very difficult for many people to handle. Fortunately, few are born with this extreme intensity of drive and feeling. Very special and careful training in self-discipline has to be a vital part of the early lives of these people. Parents should not despair; as their love and understanding wins through, they will realise how much they have learned from the experience.

For both parents and child, thinking before speaking or acting will enable the influence of wisdom to prevail and will avoid offending the sensitivity of such intense people. As a consequence, they will not then need to erect a barrier to protect their sensitivity, which more effectively ruins their social life and happiness.

The overwhelming intensity of feeling and sensitivity within the solar plexus of these people can be almost life-threatening. They are highly accident prone and generally in a state of advanced stress. Life has the habit of inflicting "accidents" upon us to either slow us down or to turn us around if we have digressed from the Path.

But if we do not reassess our situation, we may find more intense "accidents" strewn along our path. This is typical of person with four 5's. Life for these people can be very difficult to understand if they do not permit wise guidance to direct them. The choice is always ours as to whether we embrace the positive or negative aspects of a number, but from 6 through to 9, the divergence between the two aspects becomes more pronounced. Creativity is probably best understood as "the activity of the Creator.

The 6 provides the creative link between the 3 of memory and analysis left brain and the 9 of responsible idealism right brain ; it facilitates the smooth and constructive working of the Mind Plane. The number 6 is also located at the head of the Arrow of the Will see Chapter 6 , and as such brings the will into harmony with the mind. This is achieved with the support of the practical love of the 4 and the love of the 5 underpinning it. If they possess a 3, the task is made easier.

Without the aid of the 3, they must employ more diligent mental effort to produce the creativity necessary for the development of their individuality. However, its more personal expression can be found in the artistic fields, such as pottery, painting, composing, acting, and similar disciplines.

People with one 6 have a strong focus on domestic responsibility, which tends to mask the true role of the 6, creative expression. However, as these people become more aware and mature, they will find that domestic satisfaction alone leaves much to be desired.

It is then that they will exert their strength of will to bring more expressive personal creativity into their lives or they will continue to wonder why they are not receiving sufficient fulfilment from their life's endeavours. As they "discover" the arts and especially the creative power of music, their lives will blossom amazingly. How the individual handles it depends on many factors, such as their Ruling Number and environmental factors, particularly the early influence of their parents.

With less aware people, the negative aspects will be initially inclined to prevail. These produce worry, anxiety, stress and irritability, particularly around the home and place of work.

Loved ones feel this negativity most, and for all involved it can produce nervous upsets and illness.

This is best counteracted by directing interests beyond the limitations of the home into areas of creative expression.

This is not to say that they should neglect their homes, or that their homes are not already a place of creative expression they are vital expressions of their loving care , they simply need to expand their focus to include more personally creative pursuits. Their vocation must be a creative one, inspired by confident and understanding direction. They must be guided, never pushed or threatened.

Love and appreciation are vital to them, acting as a balm to their alert nervous systems. These people require much more rest than most, for they use so much nervous energy in their creative or everyday pursuits. They must learn to meditate before going to bed to ensure that their sleep is deeply restful. Women suffer more, for they usually do not seek to be involved in anything outside the home. As such, they become fanatically protective and possessively loving. The problem with so many people with this power is that they rarely realise its positive potential for brilliant creativity.

Instead, they turn it inward upon themselves, and it becomes a tornado of disturbed emotions. Their acute over-protectiveness of their children is indicative of this. They secretly fear their children growing up and eventually leaving home, creating an unhealthy possessiveness that ultimately drives the children away from the home earlier than might have otherwise occurred. Special care must be taken to achieve balance in their lives.

Adequate rest, creative expression and care with diet will provide the appropriate corrective measures. While four 6's indicates exceptional creative potential, the negative aspect, as stimulated by the emotions, is ever-ready to dominate.

As such, these people are likely to become pathetic worriers, virtually sabotaging their health and their friendships because of endless complaining. This is, of course, unless their parents have recognised this tendency in the child's early years and have lovingly and patiently guided their child's creative potential. The positive expression of the four 6's can be easily achieved with unconditional love. It indicates the amount of learning one must amass, generally through that unforgettable form of personal experience called sacrifice.

This further indicates the need to detach from worldly possessions in order to integrate body and soul. Sacrifice is not to be avoided; it's a wonderful opportunity for cleansing and refining. It is when we fail to practise sacrifice voluntarily that the universe sees to it that such "purification" takes place. It's best to take control of what we sacrifice in our lives; that way we are more aware of the ultimate purpose of the experience, rather than lamenting it as an undesirable lesson.

Lack of 7 on the Birth Chart reveals that either the person has evolved through that form of sacrifice in recent past lives and is no longer in need of that type of learning except during the Personal Year of 7, which we all experience, or the Pyramid Peak of 7.

Alternatively and more commonly, it implies that the person does not have the necessary philosophical understanding of sacrifice and has to put practical effort into achieving it. UONE7 As part of the vital learning process of life, sacrifices in matters of health, love, money or possessions will be encountered when this number appears on the Birth Chart.

This is only intended as part of the soul's unfolding. The resultant sacrifices are often bemoaned by the sufferers without realising the vital role of "giving up to acquire.

If we are to fulfil our purpose here on Earth, we must ensure Wooden Sheds 8x6 Pent Roof Set that our health is properly nourished. In love, all too often we confuse desire with unconditional love. Remember, we can never lose if we practise unconditional love, but we rarely retain love when we associate it with emotional demands and expectations. O Two 7's Two 7's clearly implies the intensity of the lessons to be undertaken.

We invariably find that the lessons occur through loss in two of the three basic areas of life: health, love or money possessions. The intensity of the experience involving sacrifice is intended to focus the individual upon the deeper philosophical understanding of life. This stimulates our interest in the metaphysical, with which comes enlightened powers for healing, guidance and compassion.

When not living positively, these people fail to develop that indispensable philosophical understanding of life, which they are so capable. Instead, they constantly complain about loss, blame others for their problems, and accuse life of being grossly unfair and handing them a dirty deal.

They become grumpy, pitiful individuals that most people prefer to avoid. But the sadness is often more unsettling to the close associate than it is to the sufferer who, with such a depth of philosophical understanding, recognises the purpose behind the events.

Such loss tests these people's powers of fortitude and compassion, endowing them with enormous strength of character. This can make for a truly remarkable person, a valuable friend whose outlook on life grows with maturity, displaying almost infinite depths of wisdom.

Such is only the case with those people with three 7's who recognise opportunity in every challenge. For those negative souls who prefer to languish in the mud-holes of life and rely on sympathy to justify their existence, the tendency toward depression and anti-social behaviour loses them many friends and further exacerbates their problems. To both the children and the parents of children with four 7's, exceedingly careful help is necessary, else all will feel the burden of such compounded sacrifice.

Yet, once understood, as I have endeavoured to explain here, it can be an exciting learning experience. A change in attitude is necessary to see the half-full rather than the half-empty glass. The heightened philosophical understanding that attends such a life provides wonderful potential for rapid growth in spiritual consciousness. But certain basic training is necessary for this to occur, the training being in the form of essential personal disciplines by which the person learns to gain "empire over the self," as Pythagoras so eloquently phrased it.

Spiritually, it is the number of wisdom; physically, it is the number of active independence. This elevates some of the organisational and practical aspects of the 4 onto the higher plane of expression, revealing the close affinity between the 4 and 8, though they are on totally different planes. Birth Charts without an 8 indicate that those people have to deliberately apply themselves to achieve that desirable level of wisdom and independence that makes life more fulfilling and rewarding.

Tidiness, with considerable attention to detail and a feel for efficiency, is natural to these people. These are the aspects of practical wisdom that underlie their development in independence. However, if these people choose the negative path, they become emotionally unstable, reactive and restless, resulting in frequent changes in home, career or relationships.

In matters demanding special care to detail, these people can excel like few others. But they must be aware that their perceptiveness does not allow them to become dictatorial from overconfidence. This would give rise to inward emotional conflict, resulting in instability and extreme restlessness. Their search for truth and wisdom can stimulate such restlessness, but in a positive manner.

It inspires them to travel, which, we must realise, is a wonderful source of knowledge and wisdom. If they do not travel when they are young, deep frustration can devel op that exacerbates their irritability. This can lead to a feeling of confinement, and only when travel opportunities are fulfilled do they eventually find some semblance of peace of mind. O THREE 8's The acute restlessness induced by the negative aspect of three 8's is more frequently met than its opposite. To feel that life is pointless and frustrating is to be a victim of the most extreme pessimism.

So these people need considerable love and guidance to encourage them to adopt a largely positive outlook on life. After all, they must realise that life goes on whether or not they are positive and enjoying it. All they have to do is change their attitude and join the swim, rather than bemoan the temperature of the water they haven't even tried. Even though they prefer to be on the go, they have an inner stability and a joyousness that wins them many friends. Unfortunately, only a minority live this way, though it is to be hoped that this advice will win more converts.

They will be extremely hyperactive, restless people. As infants and children, they should never be forced to sit and watch television or told to "sit still," for this unnaturalness for them will only lead to excessive frustration and, ultimately, quite irrational behaviour from pent-up emotions. They should be taught to develop a sound sense of direction and be taken places as often as possible until they are old enough to travel on their own.

We know it to be a number of war and prosperity, but so much depends on how it is used. As the number symbolising mental activity, 9 is also representative of the right lobe of our brain and its power of idealism, its spiritual component. Its physical counterpart manifests as ambition, and it is just that power that caused so much international strife and confusion in the world in the 20th century.

From the beginning of this century, more people have been born without a 9 on their Birth Chart At the same time, everyone will have at least one 2 on their Birth Chart, thereby greatly transferring the emphasis from the Mind to the Soul Plane. In summary, more people will have deep feelings and there will be less egocentric ambitiousness. However, this will not become significantly apparent until closer to the middle of this century, when those born at its beginning will be mature and responsible enough to take the reigns of decision making.

This power has been at the foundation of humanity's driving force for the past century, responsible for our drive to find out more about life and to control it more. Not that it appears to have succeeded very well.

What went wrong? Could it be that too much focus was put on ambition and not enough on responsibility and idealism? The most beneficial application of one 9 on the Birth Chart is to express it through balance of the three aspects. Any fanaticism to overcompensate for past errors or omissions can only lead to further reactions. The practice of temperance is vital here: "Moderation in all things suitable, abstention from those unsuitable," as Pythagoras taught.

Two 9's An intensity of idealism and zeal, coupled with serious thought, characterises these people. They often express such an overzealous idealism that it becomes quite impractical to implement.

They must be careful to maintain a sound level of practicality to balance the idealism. The inclination to become critical of others with a lower level of idealistic intensity must be guarded against and overcome if they are to find happiness in life. Yet these people are deep thinkers, and at the heart of all they do, they wish to be helpful. It just needs to be clearly expressed and not expected to be taken for granted. O THREE 9'S The exceptional power of idealism and ambition of the three 9's is extremely difficult to handle and can at times produce mental imbalance with those who do not realise their power.

This problem can be avoided by recognising the three 9's in the Birth Charts of children and training them to balance their expression more evenly over the three Planes than so powerfully through the Mind Plane. It is not uncommon for these people, when acting negatively, to allow small things to become exaggerated out of all proportion.

This often results in outbursts of temper, leading to loss of emotional control, even to the extent of threatening mental balance. The vital lesson here is to look at all things objectively and in proportion to their real value.

This will help dissolve their judgement and permit the acceptance of small deviations from their rigid idealism. Though they comprise only a small fraction of the population, they invariably need help.

The most common, especially with the advent of modern "hippy-ism" are those who live in a dream world of vague unreality. They have often dropped out of society because they could not come to grips with what didn't confer with their fanatical idealism. Some are not like this consistently. They appear to be "normal" and conforming until, from time to time, they can take it no more and either take themselves far away or lock themselves in their homes for days or months on end.

But these are quite harmless people who deny that anything is wrong with them and do not respond well to guidance. The other type are those who adopt an aggressive, somewhat belligerent attitude and appear to take pleasure in belittling others, who, in their opinion, fall so far short of their ideals.

These can be the dangerous ones and should receive wise counselling before they become irreversibly lonely or do harm to themselves or someone else in a fit of rage. Understanding them will be Backyard Shed Plans Pdf Keyword almost an impossibility without the aid of numerology, and even then, helping them will be another even greater challenge. Everything written about those with four 9's applies to the five 9's, only with compounded significance.

It is to be hoped that their parents are highly trained numerologists, for teaching them to be practical and compassionate will be the greatest challenge. These isolated numbers have special significance for people with who have them on their Birth Charts. As "1" is the number symbolising the expression of the human ego, its isolation on the Birth Chart reveals why these people so often feel isolated and misunderstood when they try to explain their feelings to others, especially if they have a single 1.

If their numbers are more heavily concentrated on the Mind Plane, the person might be perceived as lazy or unreliable because so much going on in their head won't get translated into practical expression, or because they make commitments to do things that rarely get done. This can lead others to think that people with isolated l's are unreliable when, if effect, they are mostly unaware of this aspect of their nature. Unless it is corrected, it can lead to loneliness so that the isolated ego magnifies into an isolated person.

Correction is easy. For every isolated number, the one quality missing that will integrate the Birth Chart and "de-isolate" each number is that represented by the number 5 in the centre of the Birth Chart.

Generally, this implies the need for any person who has one or more isolated numbers to develop more love and compassion in their expression, and to learn to more freely express their positive emotions rather than bottle them up.

When only the 1 is isolated, developing the qualities indicated by the 2 or the 4 can also help. For example, developing the intuition of the 2 so that the expression of the ego can be connected with the power of analysis the 3 , and practised with the improved logic, patience and practicality of the 4.

This means that their strong mind potential can be easily diffused, for it is unconnected with the Physical Plane, and its powers are not readily carried through into practise.

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