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It's interesting to see variations of the shed plans I have sold. It just goes to show you that you can modify my plans and blueprints to accomodate whatever special needs you may have. Hi John- just finished my shed and thought I would drop you a few lines.

I am 52, took wood shop in th grade, worked in a production shop for a couple of years, and have continued to make furniture and cabinets since departing the cabinet shop for education. As I was working by myself, one Outdoor Wood Storage Sheds Plans Inc thing I did differently was install the vertical support beam for the ridge board at the same time using Simpson connectors- acted as another set of hands allowing me to get it up there by myself.

If I did this again I would install the siding before the roof just to eliminate the wobble. I made a mistake that I preferred to work around than redo- I thought I was following directions when installing siding One thing I could not find an answer for in the plans- what to do about the space between the top plate and roof sheathing in between the rafters. No light gets in so I am happy with the results of improvisation.

After being mostly done with rafters, I saw your post about a shed where you left rafter tails long to cut off later- I would do this next time as well.

Probably a function of working by myself there was some variance to the installed distance of rafter to ridge board, making trim installation interesting.

And another dumb mistake- I installed the trim on the eaves to install the drip edge before I did the Gable fascia Overall, a fun learning experience. I am much better with a skill saw now and got comfortable being on a ladder. I honestly did not like the roofing I installed a 2x4 to anchor my feet while I pretty much laid on the roof to install shingles Thanks for the plans! Mike used my 12x16 barn shed plans and expanded them to build this beautiful 12x20 barn shed. I love the color.

Great job Mike! Brian built this neat 12'x16' barn shed using my 12x16 barn shed plans. He modified the plans somewhat by adding some windows which is easy to do and any of my plan buyers can easily do so by visiting the window link on the left side of the website. Here's what Brian had to say about using my plans:. You are welcome to use it for your website. Your Outdoor Resin Vertical Storage Shed Key material list was great and your plans were very easy to follow.

Again, we really thank you for what you do! Thank Metal Outdoor Storage Sheds Uk Edition you Brian for sending me your neat shed picture! Karl used my 10x12 gable shed plans to build the neat shed you see above. Here is the email I received from Karl about his experience building his really cool shed:. John, Happy New Year! Months ago my son and I finished our shed project with your help! He and his wife and their 6 month old son are living with us due to Covid.

As you can see from pictures we finished the gables with left over Galvalome roofing. The extra height led to longer rafters and more sheltered area outside. We also liked the look of slanted rafter ends, and put drip metal around the entire shed.

The cords are powering Christmas lights. Again, thanks for your advice! Thank you Karl for your shed picture! Michael used my 10x16 barn shed plans to build this neat shed. I love the color scheme Michael came up with, and he also modified the plans somewhat by going with a metal roof. He also added in 2 windows which are a relatively simple modification to any shed plan you purchase here. I followed the plans for the most part, but added some of my own ideas. I really liked the design of the gambrel roof and making an assembly jig on the deck really helped out.

I decided to go with a metal roof instead of shingles. By just using purlins for roof support I did not have to sheet the roof. I also added a couple windows. These shed plans were great and this shed is as sturdy as any house. This neat gable shed with roll up shed door was built by Parrish from New Jersey.

Parrish modified the plans some what by adding a window in where the entry door is shown in the plans. Great Job Parrish on your awesome looking shed!

You can find the plans Parrish used here: 12x16 Gable with roll up shed door. All I can say is Edward - kudos to you for building your neat shed! I hope that I can do this when I reach your age. Some of us don't let age hold us back and Edward is a fine example of that!

This shed has a great color scheme and just looking at it you can tell that Edward took some time making sure that everything was perfect about his shed. All the details of construction are absolutely fine indeed! Thank you Edward for sending my your shed picture! Here's an update on Roger's barn project. What's amazing about Roger is that he is 87 years young and just retired not too long ago. And Roger is building this barn all by himself!

That's Roger in the corner of the shed picture above. It just amazes me how young Roger looks! Thank you Roger for buying my barn with porch plans and a big thank you to Roger's wife Chola for taking the time to send me his progress pictures. Here's a comment from Chola:. Now he spends his days doing what he loves Spark's used my 12x16 barn with side porch plans to build this really nice looking shed. Cory used my 12x16 barn with porch and roll up door plans to build his neat shed.

He modified the plans somewhat to store his riding mower and 4-wheeler in his shed. Here's what Cory had to say about using my shed plans: "You might recall I had asked if you had any plans for a roll up door, service door and window.

You referred me to the plan with the porch. But here it is completed. I obviously made some changes along the way. I used 2x8 floor joists sense my riding mower and 4-wheeler will be stored in here.

Plans were great. And very detailed. Thank you. I plan to finish up the ramp and steps in the spring. I just ran short of time with a baby due. Thanks again! I don't know if you remember me buying a plan from you in june but I remember telling you I would send you the "kinda" complete shed pictures when we got done.

We really learned a lot from your plan too. We've had a lot of fun and some not so fun moments. A learning experience that's for sure. As you can see we altered the plan a bit. We took out the porch from inside the building and wasn't going to have a porch and then later on we decided we wanted one on the side.

There is a little pitch to the porch roof, more than you can see on the pictures. Should of added it into the shed roof but the tin was already on the roof and i guess it is what it is. We'll see what happens this winter. Also we changed the pitch on the side of the loft so we had more stand up room. I'm betting no snow stays on that steep of a roof for long. So my husband gained a man cave upstairs and I guess I'll share my she shed with my razor downstairs.

I love that my grandson helped me out with building the trusses and my sister and brother helped us raise the trusses up. We did cheat a little I had to hire a contractor to put on the ply boards and tin on the roof.

It was too dangerous for us old folks. But I think we did alright considering my husband had a double hernia surgery in the middle of this and I was still recouping from a back fusion in january. Oh I got to give a shout out to my father in law who is 85 and he made sure we were level and precise.

He always showed up for work and never got paid. Best employee I ever had. I think he had a lot of fun!

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