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After this, it should be smooth sailing.. Thanks, again, for the detailed post!! Very helpful and appreciated. We are wanting to build our closet using the Tavra. Could you tell me how tall the chest is without the legs on it so we can leave the space in the closet for the chest to be installed?

Hannah, your closet is amazing!!! I too, want to do a master closet redesign but am struggling with where to start. Beautiful and well done! Also, how deep are the shelves and built ins from wall to outer edge of builtin? Thank you so much! The dimensions are of wall to wall. The shelves are different depths depending on which ikea dresser is on that wall. To answer your question, the shelves are the same depth as the dressers. Just Gorgeous! I saved this pin a while ago and decided to just DO IT!

Thank you so much for sharing. My closet dimensions are different so there has been a few adjustments. I do have a question regarding the type of plywood you used. I found these online and wanted to know if you could direct me as to which option would work best in your opinion! I would go with either the second or third one. The first link is for the cheaper sanded plywood but in my experience they are pretty poor quality so when you go to paint it there will be a lot of knots and ridges.

Hope that helps. I am in love with your design. I want to build a similar closet along just one long wall in my dressing room and wonder how I will make it work since I have cedar ceilings and wood beams. I have no idea how to make this work other than have the height not as high.

I know you stated that the taller dresser is deeper so I was thinking o placing that one in the center and have the two smaller ones flanking on each side with the center sticking out more. Too many ideas in my head at in the morning. One more dumb question, is the plywood that high? I only see 4ft sections height wise, I guess you stack them? Thanks Denise. The taller dresser is actually the shallower one.

The 3 drawer IVAR dressers are the deeper ones. No need to stack them if you cut them the long way. I hope this helps. This is amazing. I am going to pin it and think about doing this one. Honestly the only difficult part was the tricky corner that I had.

Other than that it was easy but tedious work. Totally worth it though. Hi Hannah, What an awesome design! Can you tell me the paint color and brand that you used to paint the beautiful shelving? Thanks Lisa. It was Behr semi gloss paint. I was so excited to find your closet DIY. I have been trying to get my closet life together for at least three years. I refuse to pay a vulgar amount for cheap, particle board closet materials. After deciding to do this I started searching Craigslist and found an ensemble of Asian-inspired dressers.

They are solid cherry with dovetailed drawer joinery and because they are antique they also have really neat removable dividers and a valet slider in the top. Not bad when considering the quality. Thank you so much for the simplest, most logical and beautiful organizational solution on the planet. What a steal! I wish I had higher quality dressers for my drawers. The Kreg jig is awesome.

Will do. Today was my first day. Hi Hannah, We are about to start working on our closet and this is very helpful! I was very strategic about where I placed the screws. The thin plywood on the wall was stapled on and I only placed staples where I knew there would be vertical panels or shelves to cover the staples. I did the same on the base so that the screws were not placed in any of the exposed areas.

I hope that makes sense. Just wanted to say thank you for the design. Me and my wife just finished out closet and it turned out great. MDF is definitely a great way to keep the cost down. So glad that you love your new closet. Hannah — this is amazing! Absolutely love what you were able to accomplish. I am planning out my closet right now, but can only do built ins on 2 sides, so I am trying to get the most bang for my buck.

Have you thought any more about adding the final dimensions to the post? I am trying to decide how wide my hanging boxes and shoe shelves should be. Thank you so much for sharing your project — it was such an inspiration! Hi Amy. The sections on either side of those will vary in dimension based on how long the wall is of course. Hi Hannah, So glad I came across your post we are in the beginning stages of redoing our closet and have been scouring pinterest looking for ideas.

You creativity is inspiring! I have 2 questions what type of plywood did you use? How did you guys attach the boxes to the wall? Just the backing you had attached to the wall. Hi Hannah, Your post is inspiring! I have 2 questions for you what type of plywood did you use? Hi Giani. I used a mix of birch and maple plywood depending on what was in stock and in my scrap pile. The boxes were screwed into the ceiling studs, side walls where applicable and into the dressers where applicable.

I also screwed them into the box next to them to tie them all together. Was there a reason you chose this way over PAX? Yours looks great! Hi Marcee. While it was more work to do a custom closet it actually cost less than if I were to use the PAX system in my space.

Do you think this type is ok:. Thanks Pat! The sheathing plywood that you linked to would work but I would highly recommend going with a hardwood plywood instead. It will give you a much smoother finish as there are no knots.

I used a mix of maple and birch. It will cut down the cost and still give you a nice smooth finish. Thanks for sharing your design. We used your closet as inspiration for our design. We did not want to spend a ton of money and we kept coming back to your design and jumped into the project last weekend.

We finished today! Take care! Wow you finished your closet fast Robin! So glad that you were able to make it work. If you happen to share photos on social media please tag me. Thank you so much for creating such a detailed post. If you happen to share it on social media be sure to tag me so that I can see your finished closet!

So glad that you love your new space. My bedroom closet is a reach in with just one long pole for clothes and a shelf above, and I would love to put a dresser in the center besides utilizing the space better.

I agree that the pre-made closet systems seem cheaply made for the price. My first step has to be converting the sliding closet doors to hinged doors though.

I did want to comment on how helpful I found your article and the answers to some of the questions. You are very generous and your closet turned out beautifully. Thank you for your detailed tutorial. I m in searching of inexpensive way to redo my master closet which was built from builder. I have a question about the shelves for the shoes. Just curious how they are constructed. Thanks Mary Katherine. Hi Mary! On the wall side of the boxes where there is just one piece of plywood I used the same approach as the shelves so that the trim had a consistent look.

Dang girl! You have just motivated me to get a plan for my closet! This is beautiful and your instructions are so clear! The time you took to document this space is truly amazing and appreciated! Terrific job! I have a quick question about depth. Generally clothes closet should have a minimum depth of at least 24 inches deep, so the clothes can clear the back wall, but you mention your depth aligns with the drawers which is closer to 19 inches.

Have you had any issues with clothes not fitting correcting on the hangers? Thanks for your time. No I did not have any issues.

When I installed the rods I made sure to place them so that the hangers would have enough clearance in the back. If you centered them you would probably hit the back wall with the hangers. Hi Hannah, I am about to start building my closet like yours, but one step I am confused about.

The last picture in step 3 and 1st photo in step 4 show this. I hope that makes more sense. Your Kregjig should have a guide. Thank you Hannah. My build is going great thanks to you!!!! I am almost ready to put in shelves! Hi — getting started on something similar very soon.

Quick question — what length handles did you get? The 8. Apologies if this was already answered. Hannah, Your closet is amazing and inspiring. I looked at tons and I do mean tons of diy designs before I ran across yours. Your instructions and photos gave me courage. I ran out and purchased the material for the first closet the following week after reading your post. It took about 3 months to finish with work and a graduating senior yeah!!!

I am on my second closet using your detailed instructions. I used the Rast 3 drawer dresser for this design — built the base 12 inches wide.

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment Sharon. Happy Holidays! Question…how did you do the corner shelves? Is it one piece just cut at an angle? Each shelf is cut to an L shape to meet the necessary dimensions. Beautiful and inspiring! Hope to begin this closet project this year with my husband.

Did I miss reading somewhere, on your very informative directions, the dimensions of your closet? Love the Orvis products!!! Beautiful and aristocratic.

Doberman, shepherd and chow. She has been a wonderful dog. Got her name from another customer when we went for ice cream. We had a Golden named Duchess, a great dog.

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A super product! The other judges became the Commissioners Court. A Probate Court was established in each county in , consolidating the positions of judge and clerk. County court functions, with the exception of criminal and civil jurisdiction, were transferred to Probate Court.

Since that time, the Probate Office has expanded its responsibilities to include election administration, record keeping, and in some instances, licensing. The Probate Court no longer has jurisdiction for juvenile justice, that responsibility having become the job of district court in Probate Court as we know it today consists of administering elections, wills and estates, adoptions, appointing Notary Publics, name changes, marriage licenses, property records, involuntary commitments to the State Department of Mental Health, corporation records and various other duties.

The License Commission office handles all tag and business license matters, while the Probate Office handles all recording and Probate Court matters. Unlike Circuit or District Court, where matters of criminal, traffic or civil proceedings take place, the Probate Court deals with life events.

From adoptions and legitimations to wills and estates, Probate Court touches the lives of people from birth to death. All citizens of Clarke County, regardless of age, race, gender, social or economic status, regularly come into contact with Probate Court. The Probate Court is the Court of the People. This website is to help you understand what proceedings go through Probate Court and to help you have a working knowledge about them. Please refer any specific questions regarding proceedings to your attorney.

Approximately 18, persons are currently registered to vote in Clarke County. Please take a moment to browse our website as you prepare for the next election. If you have further questions, please feel free to call the Clarke County Probate Office at Documents sent without exact fees will be returned for correct amount.

We may not be able to call you about correcting a fee due to the number of documents received. Documents being hand delivered must be in the office by p. Multiple documents or large packages must be in earlier to insure recording for that day. We accept checks, money orders or cash.

Please note that no personal out of state checks are accepted. We ask that your office send a self addressed stamped envelope large enough to hold your documents with the correct postage on it for returning all mailed documents. If there is not a sale price, you must put an approximate value for the property on the form.

Contact the Tax Assessors office either via phone at or through their website: www. If the conveyance document presented for recording contains all of the necessary information and is attested, the conveyance document will constitute compliance with the provisions of the Act and the filing and submitting of the form will not be required. However, in order for the form to not be required, the following information MUST be on the document: grantor AND grantees names and mailing addresses, the physical address of the property being conveyed, the actual purchase price paid or the actual value of the property being conveyed.

Our office will record the form as part of the instrument recording, so please note that an additional page will be included in all filing fees when utilizing the form provided by the Department of Revenue. This will be required of ALL deeds recorded with mortgages as well as deeds, etc. The form will be required to show that the mortgage covered the purchase price of the property and that no deed tax would be due on the filing of the deed.

If the purchase price is over and above the mortgage amount, deed tax will be due on the difference between the purchase price and the amount financed through the mortgage. Click here to download the RT-1 pdf. If minerals are producing, then deed tax must be paid on value of minerals conveyed. If minerals are not producing, then the mineral tax is paid and the minimum amount for deed tax is due, unless there was a consideration paid for the mineral, in which event you would use the deed tax amount based on the consideration paid.

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