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If you have astandard colours, the beauty of the unique QCB garden office is that it is a fully insulated garden office and is truly zero maintenance -.

The "QC" stands for Quarter Century - 25 years where you won't have to paint or stain your garden office. There are lots of suppliers who claim "no maintenance" about their timber garden office and they are correct, as long as you are prepared to watch the look of your garden office slowly deteriorate with every passing summer. The QCB garden office walls are plasti-coated leatherette embossed galvanised steel - This will not weather the way timber inevitably will. I discuss this in the video below Hi Iain.

Your team: Steve, Liam and Matt worked like wildfire in sub zero weather with such good grace and took tremendous care over every last detail. I kept them well supplied with lots of hot tea to help keep them warm. They were all a joy to have here. I have never seen a crew work so well together. A finer Insulated Garden Office With Storage Names group of good natured people I have never known. My studio is facing sideways because my garden is a bit too narrow. I believe we are due a full refund. Moving is hard enough without having your stuff stranded and then be charged for it by a jive company.

Sharon, thank you again for reaching out and verifying your account. Your concerns have been elevated and one of our senior resolution associates will reach out after they've reviewed your account.

If you're considering using PODs, I recommend looking into other similar options. PODs customer service is the worst I've ever experienced with any company, their phone line which is the only way to contact them to get a resolution since email support refers you to phone support is a call center that doesn't have the ability to resolve issues. They can only forward the complaints to a "specialist" who you will never hear from. During the 34 day period that I waited, I continued to contact phone support and after a week of telling me to call back within X days if I don't get a response, I was finally given an email to my specialist.

By far the biggest hassle, most stressful move I've EVER experienced with horrible customer support and no regard for customer issues. After finally receiving my pod all of my items are damaged from being moved across the country twice and I've had to pay well over 4, for this "service" I highly recommend you DO NOT use Pods!

Their support refuses to offer any forms of support or assistance. I would hate for anyone else to have to go through this stressful experience I've went through. Hi, David! We have been in contact with you regarding these concerns.

As we shared, our team is looking into your concerns further and will reach out to discuss. Thank you for your continued patience. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. We value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily. Get matched with a trusted, professional moving company. Quick and easy Get matched with a Moving partner. Zip code. Read full review. Move With Ease Get matched with a trusted, professional moving company. Call Now Toll Free.

What is PODS? In addition to moving and storage services, the company also sells a number of supplies, including: Packing paper Tape and dispensers Lifting straps Rubber mover bands Moving boxes Mattress bags Stretch wrap Locks Moving blankets.

Dimensions Maximum weight Good for Small container 7' x 7' x 8' 5, pounds Studio apartment Medium container 8' x 8' x 12' 4, pounds 2- to 3-room home Large container 8' x 8' x 16' 4, pounds 3- to 4-room home. PODS costs The cost of moving with PODS containers is based on the number of containers you rent, the size of the containers, the distance of the move, the length of the rental and the time of year. PODS offers customizable moving and storage options using its containers, which come in three different sizes.

You can choose to keep a PODS container on your property, store it at a local PODS storage center or have the container transported to a local or long-distance destination. PODS recommends getting a quote and scheduling service at least seven days in advance. You can cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours before container delivery. Is PODS insured for moving?

Yes, PODS is insured for moving. The company offers two coverage options: Container-only insurance: This insurance covers damage to or loss of a moving container due to fire, smoke, vandalism, falling objects, car accidents, lightning, windstorm or hail. Contents insurance: This insurance covers both the container and the items inside the container. Are PODS climate-controlled?

No, PODS containers are not climate-controlled. They have a steel frame and aluminum panels, and they are weather-resistant. Are PODS waterproof? PODS containers are weather-resistant. According to PODS, they are designed to protect contents from rain and snow.

Are PODS allowed on the street? It depends on the location. Contact your local municipality to find out if you need a permit to have a PODS container on the street. Generally, yes. Both options are cheaper than full-service movers. How long can you keep a PODS container? You can keep a PODS container for as long as you need it. The company rents out containers on a monthly basis. Is PODS worth it? Sort: Top reviews.

Top reviews. Most helpful. How does PODS get away with charging tax on pickup and delivery? I thought service was not taxable. They all say the same script, we have not heard back from either of the complaints. You will end up paying way more than they quoted! Would definitely not use again. I totally agree with Kyle, there is absolutely no customer service, I was on the phone for over 2 hours, just get transferred back and forth, there is no one that will take any responsibility to resolve their errors.

Seriously, the delivery and storage charges are crazy, do not ever use PODS!!! Theres absolutely no customer service, and they absolutely refuse to be accountable for their companies screw ups. Agree with folks in this comment section that PODS has absolutely the worst customer service possible and refuse to do anything to help you if they screw up. Must be where people without a high school education go to work. Afterwards, my PODS was delayed almost an entire week just because, so I had to cancel my storage until I get an actual time frame from them.

PODS would. Repeated calls and chat sessions with customer service are useless. Both units were emptied and ready for pickup in three hours. Will not recommend them, will not use them again.

The concept is great. The management of the enterprise is wanting. I called PODs today after looking at their website. It was a strange experience. I told them that I want my PODs delivered as soon as possible after the pickup and the 4 day transit estimate would work.

But they insisted that charging for a months storage was the way they did it. This did not include loading and unloading which I told them I wanted them to include.

Next they started insisting that I make a reservation so that I would save money. They kept telling me how I needed to lock in the price because it would go up and book because they get so busy. It was a persistent hard sell. It was a real turn off. Cant get a price list. Thats a bad sign. All their rates should be publicly published. Smells bad to me. They impaled the side of one of the containers, and they clearly knew about it because they patched it up from the outside.

Months of fighting with them, but they refuse to pay for anything. Worst service ever. Now I have to sue them. The operator was awful and very hard to understand. No thank you; I definitely smell a rat here.

I explained to their associate several times how much I had to load into a POD, he insisted a single 16 footer would be sufficient, it was not. I have since made a dozen calls and have been transferred to a supervisor twice. I have been in a hotel room in the city I have been trying to leave for 2 nights now.

I have a mile drive to make, I have a job I need to get to and I have lost 3 days due to their incompetence. They do not care about their customers, stay as far away from them as possible. Reading majority of these reviews and I feel a bit sorry for some of the agents having to deal with the public. I used this company twice within the last 4 years. Referred by a family member that had a great experience moving with them, as well.

Maybe my friends, family and I just got lucky every time we used this company? The emailed me reminding me of pretty much everything. Moving is a nightmare to begin with. So I could at least relax a little seeing what I signed up for was exactly what I was told I was going to get.

Dates I scheduled, along with the dates they were going to charge me and the exact amount they were going to charge…. Your pods agreement, even. Takes 5 secs? Everything is. Only downside to this company is the customer service dept long wait times for just a date change. My advice? Oh and from personal experience, putting your pod in the street, nightmare. Why the city has control regarding the parking in front of our homes is irritating. Good luck with your move!

So I will not claim to be objective here — full disclosure — I am in the portable storage business. I do believe that the concept is a great one — combining the best of do-it-yourself pricing and eliminating the hassle of truck driving and same-day moving.

I scheduled the move as soon as I could on line with PODS and followed up with a phone call to confirm. I had to get a truck and move everything twice. When calling their customer service, two different agents told me they would give me a call back and see what they could do and never got a call back.

They lied, let me down when I needed them most, and caused so much additional costs and efforts. Use someone else — PODS will only let you down. Strongly advise against PODs. After all that it was rejected at the CA border for a gypsy moth on the outside probably picked up in the hot warehouse where the container should not have been! They nonchalantly said it had to be sent to Harvey, IL for treatment.

What kind of idiotic decision is that? There was no consultation, no options or evidence presented to me. I must have spoken to a dozen customer agents and none of them had a clue how to help me, or why this extreme situation had arisen; calling them is a waste of time as they will just direct you to your online account which has the same lack of information.

Otherwise you will really, really regret it. I am very, very unhappy with the service. Everything was fine until they picked up my POD. I rented this two months ago. They had my phone number, but instead of calling, they cancelled my delivery. Now I have to cancel the people that were coming to help me unpack.

Terrible customer service. Please do not use Pods. I think a gaggle of monkeys runs this company.

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