Most expensive shoes for men — Tom Ford Custom by Jason Arasheben are completely strewn with diamonds. Exceptionally expensive materials and luxury shoe brands multiplied by hundreds of hours of painstaking hand work make this shoe incredibly expensive. Gone are the days when shoes were worn to protect the feet. Made from a variety of materials, shoes can range from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

This brand is considered to be the epitome of luxury in the world of fashion. Fancy shoes 2019, it makes sense that the product it delivers will be incredibly detailed.

And it shows in the vintage style and craftsmanship of these shoes. While the auto-lacing feature and lights in that pair were achieved using cinematic effects, 30 years later, all that technology has become a reality. These sneakers are battery-powered and feature a motor. Only a were manufactured by the brand, making them incredibly rare. The dress shoes for men crafted by Testoni are no slouch fancy shoes 2019. They are a testament to fine Italian craftsmanship and the footwear is valued highly in all markets worldwide.

These shoes are incredibly light and completely water-resistant. It also took the cork soles of the German Birkenstocks sandals and fused the two. The rather odd amalgamation has been hailed by fashion enthusiasts, with three pairs already being sold.

This rather destructive fashion brand has previously merged t-shirts fancy shoes 2019 10 streetwear fashion brands in a similar manner.

One would think this would hinder potential buyers. But, the brand has stated that they may only have 4 — 6 pairs left to sell.

Men are often clueless when it comes to what looks good on their feet, but famcy the most sartorially challenged person has to agree that these shoes appear stunning. The leather used 20199 fancy shoes 2019 these shoes is sourced from the best alligator leather in the world and is extremely durable. Even though the brand dates all the way back tothe craftsmanship of Xhoes is well ahead of its time.

Another main reason why these shoes are so expensive is its super water-resistance property, which is fancg every man wants in an ideal pair of leather shoes. Reliable, old Nike comes next on the list with the futuristic sounding Air Force 1 Supreme Max, one of the most expensive Nike shoes. Unlike the Air Force One range which was a diamond-studded extravaganza, this pair takes things a step.

The splashes of bright neon featured on fancy shoes 2019 body of these shoes should have been OTT, but they actually play well shoess the overall streamlined look. While the top part of these shoes is composed of premium quality suoes, the bottom section is made of 3 M reflective material. The neon green laces are a nice touch. Since it fancy shoes 2019 first fancy shoes 2019, this sleek-looking pair of Air Jordans has been the envy of shoe enthusiasts across fancy shoes 2019 world.

They are a sight fancy shoes 2019 behold, fancy shoes 2019 have been signed by the legend Michael Jordan. The best part about these shoes is that they are quite comfortable to wear, which is not something Fancy Shoes Du that can be said for a lot of the shoes featured in this list.

The silver shos featured on these Air Jordans is a work of art, making it the most expensive basketball shoes. This line of shoes has become so popular that they are now synonymous with the Nike brand itself throughout the shose. These shoes once belonged to Sikandar Jah, fxncy 18 th century Nizam of Hyderabad.

The whole shoe is embroidered using gold thread and features numerous rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and other expensive gemstones.

Thankfully, they were recovered but had sustained some damage in fajcy process. Kathryn Wilson, the Fanccy Zealand-based designer, ruled fashion headlines when she created this wonderful piece for a charity auction. Each piece of this pair took nearly 50 hours to Fancy Shoes Uk Sale create.

Every single one of those diamonds was individually pasted by hand during that time span. After all, the man spawned an empire, making shoes that were bound to garner global attention. The Diamond Dream stilettos were handcrafted using 1, diamonds, each worth 30 karats. They took a lot of effort to create and vancy shows in the craftsmanship. The toe portion of these shoes feature rose ornaments made of 1, Kwiat diamonds and having fancy shoes 2019 total carat weight of carats.

Apart from these beautiful features, the shoes themselves are studded with another Kwiat diamonds. And these fancy shoes 2019 are a perfect example. The standout feature? Well, in this case, the straps that adorn this show are easily removable, and you can actually wear them around your neck as a statement piece. Only this time around they are heels. Eye-catching and glamorous, these shoes were made using karat rubies.

The Tom Ford shoes were custom designed by Jason Arasheben, the well-known jewelry designer, and they were a sight to behold. More than 14, full-cut round white diamonds were carefully set onto white gold. The total carat weight was a staggering carats. The bedazzled shoes took more than 2, man-hours and almost a year to complete, and by the looks of it, were well worth it.

The third Stuart Weitzman entry on this list, these stiletto heels were the product of collaboration between Eddie Le Vian and Weitzman. After all, how could they not be, being adorned with tanzanite, a gemstone of extraordinary appearance? The straps feature karats of tanzanite along with 28 karats of diamonds. What makes these shoes even more attractive is the fact that they syoes made of shining silver, giving them a delicate, ethereal look.

Another Stuart Shoed creation, these stunning slippers were crafted from Italian leather. The inspiration was the popular fairytale character, Cinderella. The 4-inch stilettos were worn by Alison Krauss, the fancy shoes 2019 singer, to the Oscars and appeared to meld into the background, leaving the crowd to gawk at shoess masses of sparkling diamonds.

One of the Old Hollywood darlings, Rita Hayworth found a place in fashion history when a pair of earrings worn by the star was fashioned into shoes by Stuart Weitzman. What stands out about these heels is the fancy shoes 2019, muted shade of Sienna Satin used in its construction — fancy shoes 2019 welcome change from all the glitz and glam commonly found in expensive footwear.

The earrings are prominently featured in the middle of the shoes and elevate the whole look to sheer poetry.

Despite its understated elegance, this pair features various types of precious gemstones, from diamonds to sapphires to rubies in a satin ruffle near fancy shoes 2019 toe section. And he chose to do so by replicating the syoes slippers worn by young Dorothy. Meticulously crafted using 4, rubies, these shoes represent the height of luxury.

Apart from 1, carats of rubies, these beautiful shoes also feature 50 carats of diamonds. How much is too much fancy shoes 2019 shoes?

A thousands? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? A shoe Well, try Commissioned as a birthday present, this frightfully expensive pair was designed soes Debbie Wingham, who is no stranger when it comes to creating luxury items. The high heels are set with some of the costliest and rarest gemstones fancy shoes 2019 the world, like blue and pink diamonds, 0219 explains the ridiculous price tag. The body of the shoe is crafted from platinum while the plaque is 209 gold.

The remainder of these shoes is made of fancy shoes 2019 but feature 24 carat gold paint. There are a further diamonds used to decorate the trim. It has taken expert shoemakers fancyy months to fancy shoes 2019 it from pure gold.

It is not known if it was sold. Yup, you fancy shoes 2019 that Stylo Fancy Shoes 2020 right. Yes, that shofs from outer space. These pumps are a statement-piece modeled after the Burj Khalifa. The solid gold heels 2091 shaped like the skyscraper while the vamp is studded with diamonds. These fancy shoes 2019 delivered to buyers via helicopters. Talk about over the top. Any of the above mentioned shoes capture your fancy? They might be prohibitively expensive, but the dedication, effort, craftsmanship and materials that go snoes their production make them a worthwhile investment for those rich enough to afford afncy.

Lol fancy shoes 2019 would you even buy them??? Fancy shoes 2019 are really pricey shoes. Obviously they are worn for their luxury sake. Nonetheless, I thought a Gucci product should have come in, and even the likes of Berluti. There are two shoes you missed: 1. The shoe fancy shoes 2019 at George Fancy shoes 2019. The only thing that can justify this is if the meaning of everything shkes objectively nihilistic.

Those shoes need to be in a 40 ft crystal tunnel with fancy shoes 2019 rain chandalier lighting every 20119 from above much like the Hermitage chandalier Edwaltonout most recent completed project. I think shose of them are weird, but some of the heels and the sneakers are pretty nice to me. I love me some shoes I really do and these fajcy are absolutely amazing but 15 million dollars fancy shoes 2019 those but ugly shoes is completely fancy shoes 2019 of line.

I agree — totally love me some cancy well made shoes, but that pair is outrageously wrong. They do not look expensive.

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