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Find your frame height with our frame calculator. All you have to do is know your inseam length the length from the floor to your crotch. This bike size calculator is suitable for both men and women, but not for children. Skip to content. Products search. EGP 0. Bike Size Calculator '; document. Size Matters. Calculate Now. If you have any questions regarding what size you need, please contact 3agal Masr. Step 1. Step 2. Place a hardcover book cheap metal bike shed calculator your legs click imitate the bike saddle.

Step 3. Step 4. If the value falls in between two sizes, the following general rules apply: If you want quick and sporty, choose the smaller frame size If you want comfortable and smooth, choose the larger frame size. The tables caoculator show the frame cxlculator that best suits your height.

The deciding factor for the size of a bicycle is the frame � in particular, the seat post the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post. The sizes are measured in inches MTB or centimeters. You may find both units in the description of the bike. Cyeap Bikes. Mountain Bikes. Height in cm Recommended Frame Size in cm - 42 ccalculator 48 - 48 - 52 - 52 - 55 - 55 - 58 meta 58 - 61 - 61 - 63 - 63 - Kids Bikes.

Child's height Child's Age Bike Size 81 - 93 cheap metal bike shed calculator. Quick Link. Contact Cheap metal bike shed calculator. Made with by Metal Bike Shed For 4 Bikes Jacket Scitecs.

Balance Bike.

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