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Just in for Sale, this is a Used 8 x 12 Wood Shed, brand unknown. It will need some work on the siding but would make a great Chicken Coop or repair and use for dry storage of lawn equipment. With a little work this could be a really nice shed for someone.

Just in for sale is a used 10 x 14 Robins Shed with Double 45" doors, windows and electrical. Just in for sale is a nice used 12 x 24 Robins Shed, it has a 60" door, insulation, electrical, windows, vents and has a partition dividing it into 2 rooms. This is a nice Used 10 x 10 Robins Shed. We have a nearly new 10 x 10 Tuff Shed which is only about 1 year old. I has wood siding and a shingled roof.

We have nice used 12 x 14 Smithbult Shed. It has a 48" Door and Electric. Hurry, at this price this unit will not last long! We have a nice Used 10 x 16 Smithbult Shed for sale. It has a Roll up door and walking door, Electric and lots of shelving and a work bench. It has a regular door, 1 window, 2 vents and electric. Hurry in this one will not last long! We have a Used 10 x 12 Shed for sale made by Handi House. It has wood framing with 2 windows, 1 48" door and Electric.

For Sale is a Lark 12 x 24 Lark Shed in good condition. It does need a pressure cleaning. It has Electric, Vents, Lofts and a 46" Door. Really nice Used 12 x 16 Bennett Shed for sale.

It has a Roll up door on the end with a walk in door on the side with a 9 light window, 2 Gable Vents, 2 Windows, 2 Overhead lights and 2 Outlets, color is Clay with Black Trim.

We have a really nice Used 12 x 30 Lark Lumberjack Shed for sale. The wind code rating on this unit is mph. It has a 48" Door and Vents. We have a really nice Used 12 x 16 Cooks Shed. We have a really nice Used 8 x 12 Lark Shed for sale. The Woodhaven metal storage shed is made from electro galvanized steel and benefits from an 8 ft internal headspace, making it an ideal place for the storage of large or tall yard equipment.

As with all buildings, make sure you have a good solid, level base for this shed to stand on. With a huge 10 ft X 14 ft of storage space available, you can safely store your riding lawn mower plus plenty of other equipment Cheap Lawn Mower Storage Shed Price too.

This metal barn style shed is ideal if you are after plenty of storage space. Great for safe storage of your riding lawn mower and lots of other yard equipment. The pad-lockable wide-opening sliding doors enable easy access for getting equipment in and out. This 8 ft X 5 ft vinyl coated steel shed is perfect for limited yard space, whilst still providing sufficient storage space for your small sized riding lawn mower.

Made from galvanized steel that is vinyl coated, it is scratch and abrasion-resistant. Strong roof strengthening brackets give double the strength over standard sheds.

Two skylight panels provides all the necessary daylight, with wide opening doors for easy access. The doors are handle key locked for security, with 2 keys included. This budget choice 8 ft X 6 ft metal storage shed is in the lower price range of sheds but still offers great quality. This is another great metal storage shed that gives real value for money.

At 8 ft X 6 ft this shed is for the small sized riding lawn mower and it makes a great choice if you are limited for yard space. This sturdy metal shed is made from US steel which is 20 percent thicker than standard metal shed steel, the steel is plated with aluminium and zinc for added protection against the elements. A generous 72 inch wall height means that tall yard equipment can easily be stored too, and with lockable door handles included to keep everything nice and safe. As we all know sheds can get pretty warm in hot temperatures, to combat this, the shed has vented gables to allow for airflow circulation.

When you are deciding which shed to buy so that you can safely store, and protect your riding lawn mower from the elements, there are many important factors to take into consideration first. All of these measurements are extremely important, so the length is 70 inches long, great so you obviously require a shed that is longer than 70 inches, as an absolute minimum you should be looking for a shed that is at least 96 inches long 8 ft.

This extra 26 inches enables you to leave some space, front and back of the mower for air movement and ventilation, especially if you are putting the mower back into the shed soon after it has been working hard.

Width measurement is also very important, our example quoted a width of 67 inches, an important point to remember here is that if you are able to lift the side chute, or side discharge chute up then this will cut down on width size requirement.

Firstly we need to make sure that the shed door opening is wider than 67 inches and then we again need to leave enough space for side air movement and ventilation around the mower, and also enough space to get on and off the mower when it is in the shed. For this, we are looking at a minimum width requirement of inches 9 ft.

Height measurement of the mower is important too, ok so we know that the mower will fit in height-wise easily, but remember most of the time you will be sitting on the mower whilst driving the mower in and out of the shed so you need to ensure that you have sufficient headroom to enable you to do this safely.

So, in this case, you need to make sure that the door opening head height is greater than, the height when you are sat upright in the lawn mower seat. This height is something that differs quite a lot between individuals, so if more than one person is likely to be using the mower ensure that you leave plenty of extra head height above the tallest user.

When you gather your measurements together, also consider other items that you may wish to store in the shed, and adjust the overall shed measurements accordingly. Any building or structure that will be used for housing or storing heavy items of equipment or machinery such as a riding lawn mower, tractor mower or zero turn mower should be built on a solid and level foundation.

When you have solid, level foundations laid down, then when you are assembling the shed it makes for a whole lot easier job. And providing that your shed has a strong suitable heavy duty floor installed then there should be no problem storing heavy equipment in there. The simple answer to the question is yes you can put a plastic riding lawn mower shed on grass.

In some cases though, grass may not be the most suitable place to put your riding lawn mower shed. You need to think about whether the grass really is the best option and the most suitable place to put the shed. Is the ground firm enough to take the weight of a riding lawn mower? Is the ground level, and unlikely to become waterlogged? Ideally, the shed could be placed on grass if a solid foundation under the shed is installed first, ensuring that the foundation will be strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of your lawn mower and other equipment.

Not so long ago, when you were looking to buy a shed, the only option was to buy one that was made out of wood. As we all know, any wood that is for external use needs to be treated with weather resisting products. This is not just a one application process either, wood needs to be treated regularly to help keep it protected from rotting and sun damage, not to mention keeping the roof watertight.

Sheds made from polycarbonate, plastic are now extremely popular and have many advantages over wooden sheds and metal sheds. To start with, and this is what attracts many people to buy a plastic shed plastic sheds are virtually maintenance-free.

The only thing that you may need to do is to give the plastic shed a wipe down with a cloth or a wash over with a hosepipe to keep it looking fresh and clean. Plastic sheds are easier to assemble, and when assembled correctly are very strong and completely weatherproof. Your email address will not be published. All images on this website belong to their respective owners. If any graphic or image on this site is under your own copyright, then please contact us and we will remove it promptly.

Toolshed Stuff is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Check Price. We will be reviewing the Keter Factor 8 ft x 11 ft storage shed next, after this review. It really is up to you to choose which type of foundation but remember Lawn Mower Storage Shed Uk 01 that it must be perfectly level before you start assembly.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed, 7X7, Sandstone This storage space measures in at 7 ft x 7 ft, so what we are looking at here is a storage shed just for your riding lawnmower and maybe just a few other small items. Alternative Budget Pick. Arrow Woodhaven WH Storage Shed This 10 ft X 9 ft wood effect galvanized steel barn style storage shed, gives you an ideal place to store your medium to large size riding lawn mower.

Arrow LX Barn Style Steel Storage Shed With a huge 10 ft X 14 ft of storage space available, you can safely store your riding lawn mower plus plenty of other equipment too.

Can be placed directly on the ground as it has a built in plastic floor. Superior quality and heavy duty resin materials make the Manor a very good deal for your money. The corrugated resin parts seem to be flimsy but only until your shed is fully assembled. Sliding roof for ease of access.

The plastic assembly screws are flimsy. Low profile keeps shed out of sight. Must be assembled on a flat location.

The plastic padlock loops are not very secure. High-density polyethylene floor is slip and stain resistant. Assembly process is more complicated than most plastic sheds. Steeply pitched roof lets rain and snow slide off easily. Needs to have a good solid level foundation. Steel-reinforced doors for added security. The plastic seems to be overly flimsy. This shed is the perfect size to fit on your deck or back porch.

Doors do not seem to close securely. Everything fits together very snugly. Tight fit ensures shed is watertight. You have to lift the lid to open the front doors. Some pieces are poorly made and require extra trim parts to cover Cheap Lawn Mower Storage Shed Analysis any gaps. Has over screws to assemble. Natural wood look fits into any yard nicely. Doors have been known to fall off. Two people can easily assemble this shed with common household tools.

Easy assembly with 2 people and common tools. Plastic may warp when exposed to high temps. High strength impact resistant floor. Steel bar front support challenging to install. Double-wall construction for added strength. Steel reinforced vinyl panels add a lot of extra strength to the shed. Challenging to assemble, requires some experience and quite a few hand tools. Doors are double wall for added security and have a place to secure your shed with a padlock. Walls are single wall which makes them flimsy in appearance.

Wind tested to mpg snow load tested at or 20 lbs. Lightweight and easily portable. Can be blown away by high winds. Takes 2 people to set up quickly.

Industrial grade tarp is completely weatherproof. Not very secure, you need to have a post to secure things to. Material has a short life span in extreme heat. Frame is strong once assembled. Replacement covers are very expensive. Most of the front panel is a wide roll-up style door. Instruction manual hard to follow. Final Thoughts. I hope you have enjoyed reading the information I have put together here on the best cheap plastic sheds; they are a great way to put a shed in your backyard on a budget If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this. Read More. Strong reinforced floor. Easy to assemble. Latching mechanism is weak. Relatively easy to assemble. Plastic door hinges are weak. Takes 10 minutes to set up. Plenty of room inside.

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