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Once I had the walls completely filled in and trimmed out, I built my doors. I clamped them in place each day until after I painted. Then I installed the hinges and hardware. I decided to change my original plan of building a hinged 4 foot door.

I was worried that the weight of it would cause it to sag over time. I had also decided at this point to install a small unused AC in the back wall. I thought that by keeping one of the doors closed, I could keep more cold air in during the hot summers.

This is where I started thinking about how I was going to store all of my lumber. I had planned on building a wall rack, similar to what I had used in my single car garage. But I hated using up an entire wall for lumber storage. I also knew from experience that I would easily lay stuff against it and soon be digging lumber and junk out of my way. I decided to use the space under my workbench to store the long boards and I realized that by pulling my bench out from the wall I could slide sheet goods behind it.

This created a problem: How do Smile Workshop Timber Creek Job I get it out. The Shop isn't long enough to pull out 8 foot boards from inside and I would probably have to move things around to get to it anyway.

So my plan for this came at kind of a sudden epiphany moment, when I decided to cut access doors in the front and build my storage into my workbench area. This has been the single best idea that has come out of my shop. I can't express enough how easy it is for me to get straight to a board i need with no hassles. I just remove the doors and pull out what I need.

I can store a surprising amount of lumber in this area. I do have a secondary area for some cutoff sheet goods and a scrap bin next to my table saw in the garage. But this area stores most of my lumber. These pictures show the final look with everything primed and painted. After I finished this step I moved on to building the attached structures on the back. I framed in a 4x8 Garden Shed on the back. I didn't want it so deep that stuff would get buried in it.

I need to take an updated picture of the back. These pics were from early on and I have changed some things in the organization. I used similar framing techniques and built a lean to roof attached with metal hangers. I chose to use clear corrugated roofing to allow natural light into this shed. You can see the 2 shopvacs that were originally part of my simple vacuum system. I have removed them and found that I get better airflow using an electric leaf blower with the vacuum attachment hooked up to my system.

There is a large metal trashcan with a dust collection separator to collect the larger pieces of saw dust and chips. My air compressor is on a shelf on the right now and I ran a hose through the wall and to a 25 foot reel attached to the ceiling. I wired separate switched for both on the inside of my shop. These systems work extremely well for a small shop.

The wall provides some insulation from the overwhelming noise they would otherwise create inside the shop. I later added two small 2x4 closets on the left and right sides of the Garden Shed. I use one to store camping and fishing gear, the other I will soon re purpose to use for my kids' sports gear.

This project may look a little overwhelming and I do consider myself pretty handy. However, I think just about anyone could complete this project. I spent a lot of time researching and educating myself on proper construction techniques. I have not come across any glaring mistakes along the way, but I welcome comments about the construction from more experienced builders.

I spent so much time building organizers and filling in just about every square inch on the inside of my shop that I feel it will be better to show some of those in separate Instructables. I made a couple of video tours to try to highlight some of the different aspects of my workshop.

I hope you enjoy them and I will work on making my future videos more stable. If I had more money in my budget I would have insulated the walls and ceiling to make it more comfortable during the hot summer days. I hope you enjoy this Instructable. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Please lt me know if you think I left out details that would be important in the construction part of this Workshop. I hope you look forward to the upcoming Instuctables on the organization of my Workshop. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Thanks, it's still my favorite part of the whole build. I never have to dig my way through stacks of lumber or leaning plywood, or best of all, piles of junk leaning against my stack of wood!

I just pull off the hatches and grab what I need. It also makes it easy to take a quick inventory before i go shopping or start a project. Reply 4 years ago. I like this! For short boards and stuff you can suspend a bunch of those cardboard sonotubes for fencing using metal strapping. I remembered seeing this instructable some time ago and your idea for the timber and sheet storage is genius.

I am now in the midst of building my own workshop and happily I stumbled across your Instrucatble again so I will be using your storage idea. How does the leaf blower work out for the vaccuum system? Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. So far it has worked out. It's probably not ideal. I imagine a system would work much better, but it gets the job done until then.

I ended up setting up in my small 1 car garage as well now. I used two shopvacs to build a system in there. I have a few new Instructables to put together and a new shop tour to do as well. Thanks for the comment!

FYI: The wood storage has passed the time test. I have not had to change a thing about it. I plan on adding a shelf above the sheet goods to store thin moldings and cut-offs. I still find it incredibly easy to access my wood quickly with that setup.

I have to move stuff around in the garage to get to my wall mounted wood storage, so it's more of a pain. I just stumbled to your site by accident but you inspired me. Because of your flock of kids and you still do so much. We are expecting 4th child end of November and I have few projects.

One of them building shed 8 x 12 and I feel the pressure getting it done by the time baby is born. I'm still debating if I want to set it up like you on blocks or dig a proper concrete piers round 8 inch by 36 long. I'm not inclined to go with poured concrete supports because my property had lots of trees and there's a million roots all over the place. Workshops Near You.

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