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In this blog Nicola is laying two bases for two structures, a shed and a playhouse. Read on to see how the bases were laid and how they are performing!

Having just bought a brand new Storage Shed for herself and a Playhouse for her Daughter, Nicola was looking for a suitable base that would not only be strong enough to support the structures but also stop them from rotting or flooding.

This was when she found our website and began to browse through our base sizes to find the perfect one for her. After correctly measuring up her garden and the garden buildings, Nicola ordered a Shed Base Membrane and a 4ft x 6ft Plastic Shed Base as it could be split into two bases large enough for the shed and playhouse. Delivered 3 working days later in easy to manage boxes, Nicola could move and store them as she pleased until the installation day arrived.

Nicola decided to erect the shed and shed base first, read on to see how she so! Nicola began the process by measuring and outlining where the base would be installed. From here, she cleared the base area to ensure there was a flat, secure surface on which the base and shed would be stood.

From here, she laid down a sheet of geo-textile membrane and secured this into the ground using Membrane Staples to ensure that there would be no movement once the base and shed were installed. Membranes allow for water to drain away naturally whilst being a barrier against weeds and plants trying to grow up and through the base panels. With the sheet secured, it was time to lay the base. Starting in one corner, the panels are easily moved, laid and attached together using the simple slot and peg system.

I love the high ceiling. Very solid. The wrong windows, perspex rather than glass, were delivered but I sent 4ft X 2ft Plastic Shed Jack email and these were swapped 3 days later.

Install team came yesterday, as my concrete base was finally done, and put it up. All Rights Reserved. Most Popular 6' x 4' 8' x 6' 10' x 6' 10' x 8' 12' x 8' Pent.

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